Saturday, August 01, 2015

Antisocial Media

I wrote a message to a family member to let them know that their constant cancelling on us at the last minute was upsetting in response to their cancellation. I was angry and felt slighted on my child's behalf AGAIN, and remarked that I was so happy I hadn't gone out to buy a bunch of stuff to have them over like I had the last time, and that I hadn't struggled through fibro pain to clean my house for them only to have them cancel at the last minute. Reasonable, adult like, to the point. A FAMILY MEMBER.

 She unfriended me, never once addressing my message or my feelings and her husband (an actual cousin of John’s) BLOCKED me (and my 10 year old daughter). They both kept John as a friend of course... which is kind of mind boggling. Do they think He will go to family functions without me?

I am so tired of people promising me themselves and their time only to keep me hanging. I’m sick of being used and discarded. I am angry that there seems to be this idea people have of me that I am just sitting around all day waiting for them to grace me with 5 minutes because I’m just a typical over weight stay at home mom/house wife and have nothing better to do. I am more than my motherly appearance, and normally sweet (but sarcastic) disposition, and my willingness to give without question.

I AM HUMAN, I have feelings and needs… and I am not the pushover you think I am. I have a right to speak honestly about what hurts me, and you don’t get to just toss me aside when I no longer fit into the neat little box you have deemed characterizes me. To unfriend me for speaking honestly about what is bothering me? I feel sad that John might lose his relationship with his cousin, but really I feel justified. I did nothing wrong. Let’s just say that realizing just how low you are on someone’s totem pole by the amount of care and decency they give you is eye opening. I’m not even a blip on their radar apparently, and that hurts.
THIS IS THE WORLD  we are living in where "friends" ignore your texts for help, but always seem to respond when THEY need something. A world where people end friendships and relationships on social media. A world where people break up in a text, "ghost", soap box  and argue with complete strangers because they have to be RIGHT.

I'm not asking for pleas to make me stay in this little bubble, this glimpse into the self-righteous and egomaniacal, because this little trip to assholeville has me wanting to cash in my chips. I have enjoyed many a friendship on social media, and have found solace and comfort from the bonds I have created online. But for the love of doughnuts look what technology/social media has and is doing to our lives. We would rather text than actually take  30 minutes to talk to someone on the phone, we would rather peer voyeuristically into a persons profile than actually interact with them or let them know that we even give a shit that they exist*… well asshole you don't deserve the privilege to peep my joy on Facebook.*CLICK*

Our worlds and ties are getting smaller because people just do NOT care anymore, they don’t wish to sacrifice time that could possibly be spent doing something more enjoyable, more important.

Unplug, people. Let someone know that you would rather talk/spend time with them than surf the web, while watching a movie, while painting your nails, while trying to get famous on Youtube.  Actually take someone else’s feelings into account instead of turning a blind eye to the aftermath of your actions.And this breaking up with family/friends/significant others on technology has to stop. Man up, speak your truth. DARE TO BE HUMAN.

I have never felt lonelier in my life.

I need to unplug. I’m done at least for a little bit.THIS is not my world... my world consists of giggles and farts, Dorito crumbs, and lots of sarcastic humor with the MISU.

I’m gonna go hug my kids.


* Which I will say, caused me to block my own brother a few months ago, because if you can't be bothered to let me speak to you more than 5 minutes on your birthday after not speaking to you for 5 months...BECAUSE you have something more important to do like snow board. This has been going on for years. Instead of calling me and asking what was up with the blocking or to even as wtf my problem was, he decided we were done.

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