Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sooo, guess what?

Long time huh? I haven't updated in 9 months and I doubt anyone reads anymore anyway, but... John and I have decided to give it another go, and have been working on things since about August.

Anyway, guess who suspected she was preggers, decided she couldn't wait to get home to take a test so made a trip to the bathroom while shopping at Wally World for Thanksgiving dinner? And guess who-after having a mini nervous breakdown in said bathroom- left her cart, stumbled dazed and confused out of the store without purchasing the pregnancy test?

Yup, I am one classy b*tch, yo. Par for the course.

I will be 8 weeks next Tuesday. I had my first ultrasound this last Tuesday to make sure it was not ectopic. So far so good, saw the heart beat, the girls are very excited. A bit more excited than mom and dad at the moment, but I know we will get there.

I am constantly, and quite cheerfully reminded by a coworker of how lucky we are considering we were infertile the first 10 years of marriage, that we should be ecstatic.. I just smile and nod, while imagining myself barfing on her shoes. Then calling for a clean up on aisle 3 :)

So, we are starting from scratch since we gave away all of our baby stuff... not that some of it would be usable anyway, most of it would be 8 yrs old. We have to add a room in our walk up attic, buy a bigger car.

And plan the MISU's vasectomy ASAHP.

Hmm, Christmas is just around the corner. ;)