Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm amazed

This last week construction started on our walk up attic, we are making it into a large bedroom for the girls to share. This week I was amazed at how unfazed Jacob was by all the noise, and how he managed to sleep through hammering and sawing 2 floors above us.

Today I watched him sleep in his crib (as his daddy and daddy's friend Aaron did the electrical and network wiring so that construction could continue on Monday), his crib being just below scratchy noises and hammering, loud noises of things being dropped on wood sub-flooring. I am amazed at how similar yet how different this little boy is to his big sisters. His ability to sleep through the occasional yelling of the 2 man construction crew this week, the front door and attic door slamming... he truly is a boy through and through. His sissies would NEVER be able to sleep through such racket.

It got me thinking about the many things I amazed about: John sticking with me in sickness and health, good times and bad and loving me on every level. Don't get me wrong, he is no saint but quite nearly considering all that we have been through in almost 22 years of marriage.

I am amazed at our children. As I said before, so different yet so the same. They are smart and funny without even trying, and they weren't even breastfed ;) We are so lucky and blessed to have them in our lives. And when I hear about all the children out there with so many problems... I realized just how blessed we are. I pray and thank God for that, and pray for the little ones that aren't so lucky.

We aren't rich but somehow we make it on one income. Our house isn't a palace, but we make it our home.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I'm in a place of gratitude. And that's a very good thing.