Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I am

My 42nd birthday is coming up soon and after a somewhat melancholy reflection on my life, I had many, many emotions and thoughts on who I am. As they say: All's well that ends well.

Booyah. ;)

I Am

I am digression, recession.
I am undiscovered and resigned.
I am fertile, contemplative.
I am of a flawed design.

I am a little crazy, uplifted.
I am attention deficient and annoyed.
I am curvy, resilient.
I am turbulent with joy.

I am weightless, anchored.
I am claimed and unearthed.
I am salty, forgiven.
I am steeped in mirth.

I am clingy, abandoned.
I am artistic and indentured.
I am reliable, grouchy.
I am slightly immature.

I am giddy, sarcastic.
I am self absorbed and amused.
I am radiant, hungry.
I am verbally profuse.

I am imperfect, serene.
I am vigorous and grieved.
I am somnolent, cantankerous.
I am what I believe.

I am, I will, I was.
I am buoyant and resolved.
I have, I need, I want.
Above all else I am loved.