Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm a target

I'm talking about the fact that I just applied there. Well, I applied there 3 weeks ago, and didn't hear back. No call, no letter in the mail... nada.

I was told after my first interview, that they were going to try to get my 2nd interview out of the way while they were at it because I looked like I have a really good chance at getting a job based on the 1st interview and my resume. The lady that she asked to do the 2nd interview refuse flat out and said that "She'll call you for the second interview this week, or you can call her". Being that I am a stickler for being professional and appropriate, I didn't call. I didn't want to hound anyone and not get the job because of being too forward.

So, after a week I wondered if maybe I shouldn't call after all. So I did, and before I could even explain my situation properly, the person on the phone at the service desk announced loudly and briskly that I should wait at least 2 weeks to hear back from them. I sat on the other end of the phone with my mouth open. Several people have told me that I should report her. I wanted to chew her face off for being so rude, but I didn't. I might have to work with her.

OK, I thought, maybe a week isn't such a big deal. I'll wait a bit more. The economy is bad everywhere and the jobs I would much rather have are not available. To me, working at the Target would be better than biggie sizing value meals all day, so I waited.

I called last week and explained what had happened (being at the 2 week mark now) and the person at the front desk said she would have the HR person call me. Did she take my number? No, just my name. Then it occurred to me this last week, after waiting all week for Miss HR to call me ... that maybe they had lost my application and DIDN'T have my phone number handy.

DUH. OK, so I have been a little preoccupied with the shortage of funds here, starting my sewing business, and actually making product to sell to connect the dots. :P Thursday I called, and Miss HR wasn't in, I was told to call back Friday.

*sigh* I called back Friday and it would seem that my 1st interview was lost, after Miss HR looked around for it (for 4 hours). She called me back and informed me that I would have to do the 1st interview all over. Mmmmmmkay. Friday night we had plans so I went in Saturday afternoon. Miss HR is very nice, lovely actually and she shows me to the interrogation interview room.

"I found your 1st interview, thank goodness, so you will only have to do the 2nd interview today." "Fantastic!" I say, "OK, great."

Good grief, the questions she asked me... I didn't answer questions like that when I was hired as a nurse for Pete's sake! But wait, she only got to the 3rd question before a code something or other was called in the store. "That's a missing child code, I have to go. I'll be back as soon as I can." Those were the longest 5 minutes of my life, seen as John was walking around the store with Anna and Emma. I did what any good mom would do, debated on whether or not I should bolt of the office and find my husband (hopefully with ankle biter's intact), and began to pray. LIKE I HAVE NEVER PRAYED IN MY LIFE. OK, In have prayed like that more than a few times before, but you get my meaning. I prayed for that child, and mine.

After about 5 minutes of fervent whispering to the Almighty, another very lovely gal came in and told me that my interview would have to be rescheduled. They had called the wrong code, but a man had had a seizure in the store. "No problem," I said, but after quietly saying another prayer for the man, I secretly said an internal "DOH!" and envisioned myself clenching my fists in annoyance.

Which if I get the job, I'm sure will NOT be the last time I do so. ;)

Anywho... Today I braved -5 degree temperatures and made my way back to Target. The second part of my second interview went very well, I think. I am to go either pee in a bottle or surrender some other body fluid for drug testing and pending that, I will start orientation on the 19th. My MIL made a funny by saying something like, "I'm sure you'll get the job. Ooooh but wait, drug test... maybe not."

"Hahaha," I snorted, " I haven't smoked anything in years."

It sucks that I'll be making peanuts and only working 15-20 hours a week in 4-5 hour shifts, but it's better than slinging burgers like I said. For me it is, anyway. My brother is getting married in November, we'll never save any money at the rate we are going. John told his brother that as it stands right now, I will be the only one going next November... so this job is much needed.

Also, a 10% discount doesn't sound like much, but Target is our home away from home. It's going to save us a LOT!

I hope, I don't exactly have the job. I will know this week probably. Keep your finger, toes and eyes crossed.


Julie said...

Geez they make ya jump thru hoops to earn those peanuts! Well done for keeping your cool and not getting sassy back, not sure I would have been able to! :-)

Fingers crossed for you! I'm sure it will all work out.


baby advice said...

wow! You have been through a lot so they better hire you! Best of luck to you on it (even though it sounds like you have it in the bag).

Ash said...

Totally crossing my fingers for you.

~Virginia~ said...

My goodness! That sure is a lot of stuff go go through...but that discount sounds fabulous! :) Good luck!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I am SO glad you were persistent, like I said in my email, that's what you have to do! :) Keep me posted, sounds like you basically have the job if you just have to pass the drug test! No problem there! :) YAY! :) I'd love a 10% discount at Target, however it makes it hard to not spend all your peanuts in one place! It will be fun for you to have the inside edge though on the day stuff goes on clearance and new products, etc. :)

Elizabeth said...

I worked for Target twice as a part-time seasonal employee and then once as a full-time employee for a year. It starts out as 15-20 hours, but once they figure out that you have a brain and are dependable, don't be surprised if it turns into going in at noon and leaving eleven hours later after close. I loved working for Target, and that 10 percent discount really came in handy! Good luck!

Daddy Forever said...

You would think a business like Target would be more organized. Good luck and tell us the semi-secret discount/clearance schedule when you get the job.

Avery Gray said...

Keeping everything crossed! They'd have to be sadists to turn you away after all that! So, when will you know for sure?

Judy Thomas said...

Fingers crossed here too... well, at least the toes are crossed. Do you know how hard it is to type with your fingers crossed????

Hey.. if you get the job, just think of all the weird people you will get to blog about!!!!