Thursday, February 05, 2009

My girls, actually getting along!

OK, I'll pose... but don't ask me to smile.

OK I'll smile... but it's killing me... SEE?

If I smile, will you stop, mom?

Heh heh, you said poop... just to get me to smile.

Punk cowboy... it's all the new rage.

Sisters playing dress up

It's a shame when you have to quote Sponge Bob to get your kids to smile..."FIRE ON THE POOP DECK!!!!"

Signs of what is to come I hope ... Best friends:D


junebug said...

Aw, they're adorable!!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

These pictures are so great! The girls look totally cute! I love the captions on the ones of Emma! Hope all is well with you guys! I actually took time to update my blog this week, more than once I think! Check it out when you have a minute!

Simon Wilby said...

Cute and adorable. Lovely child.