Thursday, April 06, 2006

Park it

Yesterday it was so nice outside. A bit on the warm side for April, actually, but it cooled off in the evening. John stopped by to grab some Dew a little after lunch time, I asked if we could take the kids to the park after work, he said Yeah.

I was suddenly inspired! I made a small picnic and gathered outdoor toys for the girls. We had a really nice time. I know to some people that may sound routine, but we aren't as spontaneous as we used to be. We get a little crazy and splurge on Chinese food occasionally. Wooohooo.

I guess it could be we are a little older, and having 2 small children takes a little more planning. It could also be that the older we get, the more tree rooted in stubbornness we get. We are only 36 and 39, are we becoming crotchety already?

Anyway, there is nothing like eating outside, food always tastes so much better for some reason. I wonder why that is. Hmmm, must be what they say is true... all that fresh air (and not the stale baby fart air at home). We played on the swings and kicked the ball around, and Emma made a sport of falling while hugging her new orange Bugs Bunny ball.

I think the best part of the evening was giving the girls a bath together for the third time. The fact that it went relatively smoothly, and without blood or tear shed was sweet. Emma sat between Anna's outstretched legs after being washed up, and they actually shared toys.

And the fact that John and I, (aside from washing the youngins) accomplished absolutely nothing, left me feeling completely satisfied.

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