Thursday, September 18, 2008

In that case, you're fired!

Anna (7 1/2, going on 35 1/2): I think I want to take walks, because walking will make me healthier. Then if someone wants me to model, I'll be in good shape. I could take modeling classes...

Me: Modeling classes would probably cost money. And we , ummmm, don't have any.

Anna, leaning in closer for emphasis: Make more money then.

Me: Maybe you should get a job.

Anna, smiling sweetly: I have a job, it's annoying you.

Mary, smiling incredulously: Well, you're pretty darned good at your job.

Anna, laughing and crossing her arms: If I'm so good at my job, maybe you should give me a raise.

Cute, smart and funny? Someday the man of her dreams is going to be in BIG trouble. I hope Prince Charming has a sense of humor, otherwise he's so screwed.


Anonymous said...

LOL! She's a handful!

~Virginia~ said...

okay, see this is why i don't have kids yet. i'd inevitably end up saying something to scar my kid emotionally. :)

Holly Schwendiman said...

ROFL - that's too funny. All I can say is they sure keep us on our toes, and wits, and .....