Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So grown up

Anna's first day of school was August 21... yeah, I'm just getting around to writing about it! With work, and then my poor kid already missing 2 days of school because she caught a cold, it's been kind of busy here.

Anna is in second grade, and is in an advanced reading and math group. We are pretty stoked about that. Here she is, my little girl, insisting that she doesn't want hair clips or head bands. *sniff*

And modeling her Camp Rock book bag with the man pretty Joe Jonas on the front... 'cuz Hannah Montana and High School Musical are so like- yesterday?

Annnnd, cheesing it up just before she leaves Emma and I in silence- meaning no clawing and shrieking for the first half of the day. ;)

These pics are from last year, on the first day of school. Look how much she has grown!

My baby is almost all grownz up.


Susie said...

It won't be long until the Jonas Brothers are washed up too. At least according to my almost 13 year old!

I was giggling about her not wanting hair clips, etc. Oh, as they age they get to be such fashionistas!

Holly Schwendiman said...

I feel 'ya, I really do!


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Awww, these are great pics, she looks so cute for the first day of school and yes...she has grown! I can't believe it, even since I saw her in June she looks so much more grown up! Amazing! Her hair looks so beautiful, it's cute she didn't want any hair clips! hehe

Clicker said...

They grow up so fast.



That comment is from me.

The "They Grow up so fast." Sniff.

It's so sad. Mine just started 7th and 4th.

~Virginia~ said...

her hair is gorgeous! it looks super shiny!

Marfa-Everyday Stuff said...

Your daughter is adorable! I can understand her not wanting anything on her head. I hate the feeling of stuff on my head, I don't even wear hats. But she doesn't need anything. Her hair is beautiful as it is. Children grow like weed. I look my niece and nephew ( 15 and almost 18)and I can't believe how time has gone by. I certainly don't feel that much older than when they were born...lol

Ash said...

Aww, dude I know. I feel your pain. Leila went to first grade this year, and is already so much cooler then me.

I'm on my way to mom jeans, and she is begging me for blue streaks in her hair. PERMANANT BLUE STREAKS. (Which I might just go ahead with, because let's face it, I do love shocking the other parents)

Also, Leila is too cool for last years Hannah Bag. How said is that? Ash very sad!