Monday, September 13, 2010

8 weeks already *sigh*

I have many nick names for my baby boy, hopefully most he WONT be embarrassed by when he gets older... but I doubt it: Big Poppa, Biggie Smalls, Big Man, Chubbeh The Hut just to name a few.

Jacob is doing great except for some issues with formula allergies and sensitivities. We have him on Similac Alimentum but believe it or not his system still hasn't adjusted and he has bowel problems. Our pediatrician wants us to take him to the University of Iowa to a GI specialist to rule out real allergies to milk based formulas since he seemed to have a severe enough reaction for us to call 911 (face swelling, rash, difficulty breathing). She wants to see what he if he is really allergic in preparation for the upcoming months when he will start solid foods.

Anywho, despite him still having loose poops and apparently NOT digesting even the hypoallergenic formula, he seems to be gaining weight just fine and his pediatrician gets a kick out of how much he weighs. Right now he is probably 12 lbs at 8 weeks... not too shabby!


Anonymous said...

Oh my heavens, Mert, seeing these pictures of Jacob made we want to break out the baby pictures of my very own Demon Squad. They are such adorable angels when they are that small. My Jonathan had a little round face just like Jacob's when he was he reminds me of a walking beanpole most days! What I would not give to have my son's metabolism LOL! He can eat like a horse and not gain a single ounce!

Both of my boys (and my daughter) had to be on soy formulas when they were born until they were almost a year old. They just could not tolerate the milk-based formulas at all. Tune in to those "mommy instincts" because 95% of the time they are spot on!

Mert said...

We did the skin allergy tests, they were inconclusive... now waiting for blood tests.

Yup, i love his chubbeh cheeks!