Thursday, February 09, 2006

Once upon a time...

In a magical land called Youngandstupidandinthenavy (which we will shorten to Young for the sake of the narrators lack of typing/spelling skills) there lived young prince with a very nice tushie. His name was John, and he was smart, handsome, and preppy. He ruled the land with such compassion that his subjects rarely noticed that he still liked to flip up the collars of his royal Polo shirts, even though it was way out of style.

One day prince John, The Preppy, was quite taken with the Maiden of Ye Olde Cleaning Supply Closet. He would spend hours gazing at her from afar, vowing to one day woo the fair maiden Mary. Mary was quite fond of the prince and grew to love his visits to the Cleaning Supply Closet, so much so that even she overlooked his collars and likings for all things preppy and pastel. And Prince John fancied Mary so, he overlooked her coarse, common upbringing and her gutter mouth.

Every day John vowed to make Mary his, but alas he was too shy. One day on a court outing, Mary- having imbibed a wee bit too much ale- gave Prince John a single kiss. The rest is, how shall we say... History?

Except for embarrassing each other on many occasions, they lived happily ever after. Prince John loved to walk with his pants half mast in public, but to only show his very cute tushie. Mary loved to say the most vulgar things, just to see her groom blush the prettiest shade of pastel pink.

One day the royal couple had a beautiful daughter, after many years of trying to conceive. Princess Anna was a lovely little thing! All giggles, and eyes she was! Anna had inherited her mother's quick witted tongue, and her father's love of humor. Prince John loved to tickle and wrestle with young Anna, and one day showed her the joys of airing her tushie while exclaiming, "The moon! The moon is out!"

Anna quite enjoyed this, and even shared the joy with her mother while Mary was cleansing the Royal Silverware. "Haha, mother! Thoust moon is shining, and quite brightly, too!" Mary played along, but was secretly annoyed at having her Royal bedclothes partially removed whilst cleansing the Royal Silverware.

The very next night, after arriving home from purchasing many a wondrous thing at Targette' on a cold and crisp winter night Mary told Prince John about Anna's new game. Anna, being a very crafty almost 5 year old, discerned what her mother was speaking of. As Mary lovingly took Anna from the Royal Carriage, Anna giggled. Soon after she took off, running and giggling, shouting, "Look at the moon! The moon is out!"

In shock and disbelief Mary watched as her oldest child, Princess Anna, ran down the Royal Sidewalk with her little tushie glimmering in the moon light.

Stifling a laugh, and trying to sound very serious Mary called after her young daughter, "Put the moon away! Put the moon away! It's cold out , my darling. Put it away!" The moon did finally return to its proper place that cold winter night, but only after the young princess was safely inside.

Prince John, ever the proud papa, smiled and laughed. Coming full circle, his Royal Legacy was complete. Mary only hoped that Anna would not share her legacy with her classmates at the Royal Pre-School the next Friday.

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tiggerprr said...

LOL what a cool fairy tale! :)