Monday, July 31, 2006

I changed...

My blog again. I saw this template on another blog, and it reminded me of chocolate. It just looks too yummy to me, but also a little Zen. It's like eating a pound of chocolate, then having a nap. Which I could totally do right now.

Actually I don't know if a pound would do it for me right now, but I could give it a go... Nah. One pound of chocolate translates to 5.3265045 pounds more of butt fat, roughly. I am doing swell, pardon the pun, in the butt fat department. I have been stress eating. :(

Anyone who has had a problem with weight can understand what I am talking about, but I am sure there are a few out there that are thinking, "Now, wait a minute... You are already down in the dumps, why would you want to binge and then be even more depressed after popping the buttons off the only pair of shorts that fit you anymore?"

Good question. I don't have much of an answer except that it has been scientifically proven that some foods will actually cause the increased production of Serotonin, therefore causing a feeling of well being after ingestion. A lot of these foods are rich in carbs, and many of them are high in fat.
So, even though you might experience that mini high, unfortunately most of those calories and fat grams are going straight to your fat cells. Isn't that fabulous?

By the way, you might be asking yourself, "What stress?"
and, "Why did I just ask that? Should I keep reading, because surely she is going to tell me..."
We have had our money leaching house on the market for almost 4 weeks and have had a whopping 4 people come through. At our open house last Saturday, we had one. We know it's because of the money pit called our bathroom, and have had a fine gentleman tell us it is going to cost us another $350 to put a texture on the walls to disguise our less than adequate sanding job.
So let's see, over the last 5 years, on our bathroom alone we have literally flush how much money down the drain?

shower/tub plumbing, new tile in shower, partial replacement of tub drainage pipes- 1500
new sheetrock/taping/mudding- 400
new medicine cabinet, sink, vanity, light fixture (+ supplies and tools)- 475

Now add 350 and the grand total comes to $2725. I guess in the long run, the work had to be done, and another 350 is just a small price to pay to sell this unloving, unforgiving hunk of brick... Pair that with the owners of the house that we made an offer on, well lets just say that we are positive that we are the only dingalings that have shown any interest at all. They have decided to make things very difficult for us by demanding an inspection right away. By doing this, we could be out of $275 if they accept another offer. They also were demanding that we start the loan process, so that it would be ready when we sell our house. Again shelling out money for closing costs and title for something that may fall through. Our lender wrote them a letter stating that there was no way this was going to happen, after they refused to take our word for it. Finally their agent told them it would be in their best interest to bide their time until our contract expired on August 24th (meaning that we will not have sold our house by then), in which case we would get our earnest money back, and our contract would be null and void.

I almost would rather just do that and find another house. I think though, that our contract might expire, they will have no other buyers lined up. We will find another house, and they will be knocking our door down, begging us to reconsider. We might, but it's going to cost them another 7-10 grand. I don't like mind games, and all the drama is really wearing on me. I deserve a little compensation for my trauma, don't I?

Where's the chocolate...

Anyway, if you are interested in reading more on serotonin/food relationship, here are a few interesting and informative articles for you:
Why some foods make you feel good...
Serotonin and foods?
Researchers say chocolate triggers feel-good chemicals

If you would like to do your own research, just Google serotonin and food.


Dawn said...

1 someone else who loves chocolate!!
2. so understand chaning your look. I did it non stop. I have more than one blog just so I can have more looks.
3. good luck with the sell of the house. it may take time but it will happen. i didn't think i was ever going to sell my house a few years ago, but finally the right person came alone.

have a great day!

Mert said...

Thanks, fellow chocoholic! :O) We are trusting that God has someone lined up to buy our house, and that the house we made an offer on is The One. All in Good Time, lol!