Friday, June 13, 2008

This Might(y) B the funniest cartoon evah!

I have to admit.. I am a closet 'toonie.

I don't watch 'toons as much as I used to, but I remember my adult 'toon career starting as early as 18 yrs old. Yup, fresh off the turnip truck, I would watch the Flintstones after a looooong night shift as a Hospital Corpsman at Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland. I'd climb into my top bunk after a long night of scrubbing old, retired colonel butts and suctioning tracheostomies and watch Fred blunder through Bedrock, dragging Barney along on his meat-head meanderings. Loooooved it!

Later, when I married the hubs, I got him hooked on Ren and Stimpy and South Park. Somewhere in there I started watching MTV's Liquid Television and got him hooked on Aeon Flux and Beavis and Butthead. Have I mentioned that I may be a bad influence? Ummm, I just said butt, heh heh.

Recently, Nick premiered a new 'toon called Mighty B. The concept of the show was a collaboration of 3 people- including Amy Pohler (SNL, need I say more?), who also does the voice for the main character Bessie Higgenbottom . Oh my sweet nutter butters, is she funny! This new show is [IMHO] a cross between Ren and Stimpy and Square Pegs, with a little dash of I Love Lucy thrown in.

In the words of Harry (Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber): "I like i'. I like i' a lah' ."




Somewhere in the house I have a set of Ren and Stimpi VHS tapes. LOL

Yes they where bought for myself and at the time I was kidless.

My favorite was when they where in space and ren gets space madness

Shamelessly Sassy said...

I love this cartoon. Anything with Amy Poehler wins me over!

Judy Thomas said...

I've always been a toon-fan. I'm not going to tell you my very first favorite cartoon, because it's so old that probably you've never heard of it... lol...

Well, maybe you've heard of the remake, but it wasn't as good.