Monday, June 30, 2008

And now... your moment of Zen.

A few days ago Emma was giving me lip after I told her to do something (I really can't remember what it was), and asked why she needed to do whatever I asked her to at that time.

Me: Why? 'Cuz I'm the boss, that's why.

Anna, with her arms crossed and a smug look on her face: You know... you can be the boss without being bossy.

Me, walking away so she can't see me trying not to laugh, all the while enjoying that fact that she stuck up for lil' sis: Wow, that was deep. How very philosophical of you, thanks for sharing.


Dorky Dad said...

Yeah, my boy tries giving me orders all the time. But I show him. I don't do most of them. Then I stick my tongue out at him.

Pamela said...

oh mary.. the teen years are coming.... hold on.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

hah! That is hilarious! I can totally relate! The other day I told our Emma I was the boss in response to her asking WHY just like your Emma did and she informed me that SHE was the boss. What are we going to do with our girls? haha