Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ding Dong, ding dong, ding dong!

No I'm not referring to my husband though it could be fitting, we are a couple of ding dongs...

No, those ding dongs are the tolling of bells. Nobody has died yet ;) They ring out to celebrate our 19th anniversary, today.

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I asked the MISU if he thought we would make it to 20. He said no. With a smile, he was just being silly. I think.

Let me just say that the only way I plan for either of us to leave this marriage is feet first, six feet under, so the bells tolling... if he's not planning on us lasting another year? Looks like I've got some planning to do of my own. I've only got a year to plan AND execute, pardon the pun.

But shhhhh... this will be our little secret.

But... he is smarter than me. Maybe he has planned and is about to execute. Poop! I have so many more things I want to do in life, like wanting to lose enough weight (and boobs) so that I can see my feet again, mastering the art of calligraphy (with my feet)... or trying the newest Ben & Jerry's flavor. Oh well. If you don't hear from me in a month, send in the cavalry and a back hoe to dig me up, will ya?

In semi-seriousness ( and with slightly less morbid references), my husband loved me for exactly who I was because- frankly- I told him exactly who I was. He took me despite my spotty, troubled past and potty mouth. He overlooked my perverted, annoying and criminally insane/homicidal/psychopathic family members, and even risked dipping a toe into the septic tank that is my gene pool.

God bless that man!

In all seriousness... I know we talk about the things we have yet to do in life, but even if we never accomplish half of those dreams, know that your are my dreams and fantasies fulfilled. You are everything I had hoped for, and amazingly at times everything I am not. You truly do complete me. Who needs far away vacations and expensive cars... You are my Paris, my city of love.

And my rrrrrrich Corrrrrinthian leather. ;) I tried really hard to keep it together, but enough of the mushy stuff.

Babes, you saved me from a life of trailers, 'coon skinnin', and crocheted beer can hats.

You are the wind beneath my wings.

And Hans, Boobie, I'm your white knight.



Judy Thomas said...

awwwwww... Happy Anniversary, y'all. And may the next 19 be just as wonderful. Hugs!

maggie said...

Would someone hand me a tissue! !

Congratulations on 19 years. :)

Sunshine said...

Mert, you had me at hello.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Awww - Happy Anniversary!


Leanne said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

~Virginia~ said...

aw! happy anniversary to the both of you--may you continue to celebrate many more years together.

Pamela said...

awwwww... you chirped the crickets in my heart. Blessings on you two!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW. That picture says it AALLLL. Happy belated anniversary.
Love you guys,
Anti Yvonne

soleil said...

Aw, what a sweet post! Happy 19th Anniversary!!

Kelly @ Pass the Torch said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary!