Monday, June 23, 2008

You think so? (Emma-isms)

The other day while coming back from seeing my friend Michelle in Wisconsin, Emma chimes in while playing her Build A Bear game on my Nintendo DS:

"Totally WICKED awesome!

and later after visiting the Milwaukee Zoo:

"Mom, you're better than Lucky Charms."

Better than Lucky Charms?
Now that is totally wicked awesome. ;)


kailani said...

Hey Mert!

Better than Lucky Charms? Now that's a compliment because Lucky Charms are really really great as far as I'm concerned! LOL!

I'm looking to buy GG a new DS game. Would you recommend the Build-A-Bear one?

soleil said...

Better than Lucky Charms, huh? :)
How cute!

ame i. said...

Lol, I would have thought you to be Sugar Smacks cos you seem so sweet ;)

Pamela said...

send her here!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Hehe, WICKED? That's hilarious! Wow, to be better than Lucky Charms is quite an accomplishment, those little marshmallows are heavenly! hehehe! :) I hope all is well, thank you for the message this weekend! I really appreciate it! You're the best!