Friday, January 09, 2009

Soup to NUTS

Ok, not soup exactly but definitely nuts. That was my day yesterday.

Yesterday started out pretty sweet actually. Emma (Little Red Ridinghood) and I made blueberry muffins :)

Please ignore the junk on the microwave.... thank you!

We recuperated a little later with our belly's full of warm, sweet muffins by taking a 2 1/2 hour nap. WOW! Maybe that's why I woke up at 5 am today and couldn't get back to sleep. Hmmmm.

Next the sweetest Male Income Support Unit and daddy ever brought home a surprise for all three of his girls.
Somewhere in there I decided to do a little maintenance in our old laundry room. Since it was an addition to our 1930's home, it isn't insulated very well and the pipes freeze on me unless I have a heater on in the basement blowing warm air into the small hole that the pipes go through. Even when I do that the pipes will freeze at times when I have the door closed to keep as much cold air out of the kitchen as possible.

So, I usually take the washer hose out of the drain pipe and pour warm water inside the drain pipe to make sure it's not frozen. Otherwise , obviously, water will spray everywhere. I say obviously because, well as you know I'm a dork and obviously I have actually sprayed water everywhere.

Aha! I am ahead of the game, you see. I am very pleased and proud of myself that i have had a bit of foresight.

So lets recap, shall we? It's supposed to look like this, right?

And when you disconnect the washer hose from the drain pipe to pour warm water in there, ya know to make sure it's draining properly... it looks like this, right?

OK, good. And how should it look when you are about to put in a load of laundry?


Um, yeah. So the very thing I was so proud of avoiding? I accomplished the opposite. Yes, what they say is true:

"Pride goes before the fall." ~ (paraphrased) God

I told John last night that I should come with my own disclaimer in form of a adhesive sticker. For my forehead.
I told him he should get out while he can because I killed one too many brain cells while we were in the Navy, that I had thousands of brain cells pulling the plug every day, and that at this rate I'll be a veg at 60.

He just stood there and smiled/chuckled... and said nothing to contradict me or make me feel better. Good thing he brought flowers. XD

On the bright side? At least I had a 2 1/2 hour nap. I had lots of energy to clean up all the water. I had been wondering if our wet vac still worked. Oh, and my basement went through the rinse cycle as well. Niiiiiice.


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

The flowers are BEAUTIFUL!! This is the first chance I've had to read blogs in a few days!! :) I love that pic of Em too, and you just drew attention to the microwave or I probably would not have looked! hehe! I would totally flood the place with that kind of hose situation!

Pamela said...

mother nature did that to lots of houses around here

Holly Schwendiman said...

Well at least you got that nap. I'm convinced a nap is the solution to most any problem. :)


~Virginia~ said...

what a sweet hubby! those flowers are so pretty! hope you guys had a lovely holiday!