Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oh no, not again...

Remember a few years ago... Oh, let's see... Anna was 4 I think? And she was mooning over a not quite famous Zac Effron?

So Emma is eating lunch and watching a older episode of The Suite Life of Zach and Cody with Jesse McCartney, when he looked like this:

And she says with a *SIGH*, "I wish I had someone like that for a boyfriend..."

And naturally I probably did something akin to:
"What?" She looks at me for a second,"I don't have a boyfriend. I've never had a boyfriend before."

My first instinct was to reply *whilst trying my best to hide my amusement*, "Oh honey... it will be years before you can start dating. Acording to your dad, about 30 years or so. " Knowing that Emma is Anna's Mini Me, I decided to keep my big yap shut. I can remember that Anna was only 6 months older when she had her first crush and she was very serious about it, and didn't take kindly to John and I ribbing her about it.

Emma will be 4 end of March, but I still can't believe that this little critter has hit the sighing phase and has completely skipped the "EWWW, boys totally have cooties" phase. Just like her big sis.
This combined with the fact that Anna has had her first consultation with the "Boob Fairy", as my sis likes to call it... Well, you can imagine.

I'm suppressing the urge to chug cough medicine as we speak.

I kid people, I kid.

I'd much prefer vanilla extract. ;)


Jennfactor 10 said...

Sheesh, I was totally thinking you were still talking about Anna. Yikes!

Sooo not ready for that...

Mert said...

I KNOW, RIGHT??????? WTF are they putting in my kids chicken nuggets, that's what I want to know.


Pamela said...

wise not to respond to it -- our responses usually cement it in their head.

and you're probably right about the hormones in the nuggets and burgers.


What I want to know is why the boob fairy didn't visit me until I was 17.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Hee hee, I know this road all too well. Mountain Dew overdose is another great option with a side of chocolate. ;)


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I TOTALLY had to backtrack twice to see if you were really talking about Anna! OMG! I cannot believe that, it's so hilarious! Emma has yet to have the crush thing happening thank God!