Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I passed the test...Do I get a prize?

Today I had my doctors appointment, and let me first say that I am so blessed to have a family doc that listens and does not patronize me. He truly cares. I suppose it helps that he and John go to the same men's group at church on Saturdays and that they are kind of friends.

Knowing me and my medical history can be overwhelming so I took some time this morning to type up a brief history of complaints specifically related to what I think is going on with me. Call it OCD, call it odd... You would be right. I am nothing if not prepared.

After listening to me, and letting me know he had read my semi-exhausting exhaustive history, he told me that there were pressure points he wanted to check. I nodded in agreement, wincing internally, already knowing where those points were from my Google searches on Fibromyalgia.

It went a little something like this:

Doc, while pressing on my hips: Here...

Me: Yeh-ESSS!!!

Doc, pressing my lower back: Herrrrre...

Me: YUP!!!!!

Doc, pressing my right inner elbow: HERRREEE...

Me: Ummmm no...

Doc: Really? *he moves his fingers slightly*

Me: OK. Yes. YESSS!! YUUUUUUUP!!! *begging and pleading with my eyes and inflection for him to stop*

It went on like this until he had checked all 18 points, apologizing profusely as he went. He then told me that I had all 18 out of 18. My doc told me, "Yes, I believe you do have Fibromyalgia. You have all the classic symptoms."

 He wants to try the lowest dose of Nortriptyline one pill at bed time, then to see me in 4 weeks.

Having been a nurse I already knew that serotonin plays a big part in a lot of disorders and illnesses like OCD, depression, altered pain pathways and excessive pain. I also already knew that depression meds have been helpful in these instances so I was not surprised to find that I would be on a med that was normally prescribed for depression.

He is also having me try a new medication for reflux. I have had a sensitivity  and allergic reactions to many medications in the past, including recently Prilosec. I have taken Cymbalta in the past and only stayed on for 5 days because it made me feel nauseated and sick, loopy and apathetic. I hope I do ok on these new meds. I guess I'll try the Nortriptyline first, taking two new meds would be just stupid in my case.

I did cry briefly when he gave it a name. I'll be honest. It was a mix of relief and sadness that washed over me, but he was very sweet and that made such a huge difference. He reassured me we would try what we needed to until we found something that worked for me.

On a lighter note!!! (wait for it... )

He told me to stay away from caffeine, chocolate, greasy food and spicy food. I gave him a grumpy face and "harrumphed", and he laughed.  I told a dear friend today that my doctor had basically cut out my whole diet.

What happened in the next few minutes is typically what you can expect from me. I always use humor to make people laugh, deflect pain, lighten the mood. It's one of my strongest survival skills. My doc asked my how on earth I had gone this long without being diagnosed, why I had never brought up fibromyalgia before. I told him again how I lived most of my life in pain, pain was just a fact of everyday life for me. Being that I have not spoken to my mother in eight years, it had not ever entered my mind until I started having MORE pain, and more pain simultaneously.

Doc, shaking his head and chuckling: Well, you have 18 out of 18...

Me: I'm an over-achiever... you should already know this about me!!! I had 30 gallstones for Pete's sake, I don't do anything halfway!

When I told my husband what my doc had taken out of my diet, he nearly fell over laughing hysterically. I pleaded with my husband, "What the -insert expletive here- am I supposed to eat then? RICE???"

I guess I'm going on the Survivor diet.

This is the face of Fibromyalgia :)

 One day it will be this again...
Until then ...

I hope and dream.



meleah rebeccah said...

"Yes, I believe you do have Fibromyalgia. You have all the classic symptoms."

OH SHIT MARY. This fucking blows chunks! But I am happy you have a really good doctor. That's so important.

I truly hope the NEW meds work. I know how frustrating it can be, and just how annoying all the crazy side-effects are.

No more caffeine, chocolate, greasy food and spicy food? Oh damn, this just keeps getting worse!

And I REALLY sympathize with your Survivor Diet. UGH!


Mary said...

Thanks babes!!! I can do all things through HUMOR which strengthens me ;)

Monique Renae said...

But what a pretty face you have!!

FM is lucky to have you.... well, not really... but kind of.

Like Melly Mel said, I really hope your first course of med works for you because nothing is more annoying than switching medications over and over as you try to find the right combo.

I survived on essentially boiled chicken and rice for a few weeks a few years back. It was interesting. I wish you the best of luck with whatever direction you choose.

However, like I told you earlier, not having french fries is very unamerican!

i ♥ u... always!

Mary said...

Oh my Bella Boo... thank you so much! I hope we swing and get a hit on the meds. I'm nervous about even trying them.

Monique Renae said...

Rightfully so. We both seem to have serious issues when it comes to our corpses accepting medication.

I am crossing my fingers this first try is a definite hit. :)