Thursday, January 03, 2013

Well, it looks like it's that time of year again!

It has been brought to my attention that I am seriously over due for a blog update, by one of the people I care about most in this world- my best friend Monique. She is right, so here I am at 7 am, at task.

This last 12 months has been something else, a lot of good and a lot of "Seriously???"

In the last year I lost a relationship (said good bye to an odd and nearly one sided friendship), became best friends with one of the most amazing people on the planet, saw my fledgling business alternately struggle and soar- oddly within weeks of each other, ignited a spark in troubled family relationships and watched as the spark went out ... yet again. I was featured in a news paper article, on the front page of my local newspaper mid December 2012 for being a local artisan who sells globally, like on Etsy. And of course I was diagnosed with a syndrome that will forever affect the quality of my life last April, fibromyalgia.

As always, like for most people, the coming of the new year brings a mixture of joy and dread. The possibility, the dream of starting anew tainted with an obscene amount of self flagellation, self-absorbed pondering, regret and eventually desperate resolutions.

Over the last week and a half I have emotionally flogged myself for not being what others want me to be, for failing to meet their expectations, for not fitting the mold they envision for me. I have wondered about my short comings, what I could have possibly done to have been tossed aside yet again, what I could do to make them want me a part of their lives again.

I told my husband last night that I do not want to be like the person previously mentioned who once had been my friend. I ended that relationship because it was no longer a giving/receiving relationship, I feel it turned into me mostly giving.

 Since ending it- which ended in this person refusing to see that it was over, and with her contacting me on every mode of communication on the internet ( Twitter, Youtube, mine, my husband and daughter, and my other friends Facebook accounts, Etsy, all of my email accounts, my husbands email, texts to my phone and my husband's cell), this person has pretty much cyber stalked me. I clearly told her over each mode of communication that I did not want a relationship with her anymore, and yet she persisted, to the point of me telling her I would call the police if she did not stop harassing me.

To date, over the last 11 months I still have received 3 or more messages/emails above and beyond about 50 communications already mentioned via messages, emails and texts. Which boggles my mind. Why would a person continue to pursue a relationship where she was so clearly not wanted anymore?

Last night I realized I was that person. I have people in my life who would rather be done with me. I know by their actions, their behavior towards me, their lack of wanting to communicate with me... and some of these people are my family.

Over the last week and a half I have beat myself up for not being who they want me to be. Wondered what I could change to make them want me back in their lives. I felt as though they were trying to fit me into a vessel of their choosing, in a shape they desired, and I desperately tried to squeeze myself into that vessel.

Last night this made perfect sense to me: I am a vessel in my own right. Yes I am human, and my vessel is flaked and cracked, scratched and stained... but what some people would  find distressed and damaged other people have found "antiqued" and charming, maybe even shabby chic *smile*.

Why would I continue to waste my time and energy on being someone and something I am not? Why try to squeeze myself into their mold of who they think I should be, then be disappointed along with them that I don't fit in that shiny new vessel they want for me?

Fighting back tears momentarily while talking with my husband in the wee hours, in the comfort of darkness and our bed, all of this dawned on me.

For this new year I choose to stop wasting time on trying to be the person other people want me to be. I have decided to stop of wasting energy metaphorically trying to fit my plus sized body into skinny jeans to please other people. Instead of trying to be a better, different person I am going to take that energy and focus on being a better me

I will repair this vessel. I will fill in the cracks, sand it, maybe put on a new lacquer that enhances the beauty of who I am, instead of chiseling away at myself or painting over everything and losing who I am. I can be a better me: a better wife, friend and mother.

So my reader, this is my wish for you as well for this new year. My wish for you and I is that instead of beating ourselves up with resolutions, hating bad habits and shortcomings we feel about ourselves or imagine what other people see in us...

My wish for us is a year of self acceptance and love, along with a little sanding and buffing.

Be flawed. Embrace your patina, chips and cracks because after all they are what make you uniquely you.

Peace, love and laquer to you,



junebug said...

I feel I could have written this same type of post except the whole stalker bit.
A. Sometimes I think we sort of become the very thing we loathe. It is slightly distressing to realize it but it makes up human. Honestly simply being able to recognize it is part of the solution.
B. You are wonderful! The last person to recognize how wonderful you are is you! We all struggle with this unless you are an egomaniac.
I wish for your in 2013 all the success of 2012 times 10. I wish for you to find the peace in recognizing it is ok to let go of that which does not make you fuller as a person even if it is letting of of family.
Love ya! Junebug

Mary said...

Well said June!!!

" I wish for you to find the peace in recognizing it is ok to let go of that which does not make you fuller as a person..."

Just perfect :D

Monique Renae said...

I love you so so so so so very much and you are hands down one of the most amazing women I know.

So eff the haters, do you, be you, live you.

PS - Ditto what June said. You two have such a way with words that is awe inspiring. I think I will stick to blogging with pictures LOL.

Mary said...

I think you are so talented and amazing miss Bella Boo... it's not JUST pictures you take, they are beautiful stories :D

I love you dearly, dear... always and forever.

And yes, we have some talented friends!!! June rocks!

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh, Mary!!!

Have I told you lately how much I love you? Seriously? I am THRILLED you've come to the conclusion the only person you need to please is yourself!

You are amazing. And beautiful. You are smart. And sofa king talented. I am honored to call you a friend.


Pamela said...

hurts to move on -- but less in the long run.

Mary said...

Yes it does, but I am learning to live with it :)