Sunday, January 06, 2008

I WANT THAT: 100 dollars a month for a year!

I heard about a blog giveaway for 100 bucks a month for a year and I was so overjoyed to hear about it, it actually brought a tear to my eye! This last couple of months have been interesting since taking over the responsibilities of the finances.

Though my poor hubby is relieved to be free of the nightmare that is our check book, I am once again acutely aware of the misery that I had handed over to him over 4 years ago. It's no secret that John and I suck at money management... it's just that I suck a little less ;)

Anywho, digressions aside, I'm going to do everything within my powah (said in Darth Vader-ish tones) to win this puppy. I sit here typing with crossed fingers and eyes. :B

Here are the ways to enter (quoted from The Big Bald Blog):

It’s easy to enter! To enter the contest, just do any of the following:

1. Subscribe to RSS via email (2 entries per blog)
2. Write a useful comment (1 entry per comment on each blog listed below)
3. Write a post about this contest on your blog (25 entries if you link to this post as well as mention all of the other sponsors)

That is it! Feel free to leave your comments on this post and earn an entry and possibly the easiest $100 you have ever won. If you really want to increase your odds, make a blog post and subscribe to the sponsoring blogs and contribute comments actively on them. Who knows… making new friends might just earn you some more moolah!

Here are the blogs you need to visit for extra entries:

1. Mixed Market Arts
3. Link Bait
4. Gorilla Sushi
5. CK Marketing
6. The Big Bald Blog
7. How 2 Blogger


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