Monday, January 07, 2008

ha. ha. ha. *Emma-isms*

Today, just a few minutes ago:

Emma- Mom, run with me! *She shouts as she dashes off towards the kitchen*

Me- Nope, not going to run.

Emma- Why, you too many year old or sumpin? *blink-blink*

Me- eek Umm... why yes, thank you for noticing. rolleyes Thank you so very much.


John- Ummmm... what 'cha got there Em?

Emma- BOOBS!

I don't know what is more wrong... the fact that I posted this, or the fact that we all found this hilarious. First date fodder, folks. That's all I'm going to say about that. wink


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

So hilarious! My Emma is boob obsessed sometimes too, at lunchtime she was sitting by me and looked at me and said "you got boobs mama." I said, yes, I do! She climbed on my lap and gave them a squeeze then pulled my shirt down to look! I said, hey, we don't look at people's boobs and touch them like that sweetie. hehe, she giggled and ran off!

Jenny Ryan said...


Avery Gray said...

Oh, that one's gonna be trouble! ;o)

Too cute!

kailani said...

ROFL! I wish I were that lucky!

Pamela said...

why write a novel? You've got a book of Emma-isms and pictures flying at you every day.

When you publish it and you're famous, I'll say "I told you so"

Robin said...

She looks a little bit too proud of "those"....I think I've seen that same expression on many an "enhanced" women at the beach ;).

Good luck!


(I sooo would've giggled on both counts.)

Holly Schwendiman said...

Hee hee.


Tee said...

ROFL!! Both stories are hilarious. Boy do you have your hands full with that one! :D

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I forgot to share the other day that our Emma does the "mama, run with me" thing too...must be a 2 1/2 year old thing to want to run around the house like that! hehe!

wolfbaby said...

thank gawd cookie and sweet pea have each other to run with...

as for the pic.. ohh yeah sweet fun on the first date LOL

Daddy Forever said...

Ha-ha. Emma cracks me up. Great photo!