Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's news to me!

First off...

You know what to do, frisk like there's no tomorrow! For tips on how to do breast exams properly, you can click here, here and here.

I finally have a hosted website for Wordpress.... wooohooo! Now I just need to get my stuff together and organize all my subdomains including my sewing site , review site (thanks PBN for accepting me!), weight loss blog and me regular blog, mateys!

Recently I won a book called Calamity Jane Goes to College from the lovely ladies at The Long and the Short of It. Thanks Judy and Marianne! I love books and free books even more :D

In an attempt to provide my family with healthier foods and healthier bodies (since my poor kids have been chronically ill this winter) this weekend, I spent a huge amount of money at the grocery store trying to find organic fruits and veggies, cooking oils, soy milk, cereal, nuts... I cannot believe how expensive it is to eat healthy. When I told John how much I spent on nuts alone, he thought I WAS nuts. For lack of a better term, he said that organic was the new scam and that we basically got *technical term for being sexually assaulted* at the check out stand.

He nearly had a panic attack but then I reminded him that we are eating out less and that I calculated how much we were spending on fast food a month by eating out 3 times a week... are you ready for this? Roughly 300 smackaroos, give or take. Holy crap! That's a lot of money to be paying for food that is making my kids sick.

On a lighter note, the girls are actually taking to this better than I thought. I made them a trail mix with organic: granola, nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate chips. They love it! Emma even tried soy milk today and drank it down in a few minutes and asked for more. I love it too, but the hubby- a cereal killer ;) -is not convinced that soy milk is going to taste good in his Total.

We'll see how it goes... I honestly don't know when the last time was when we had so much produce in the house, but it's a good thing. My kids are discovering and enjoying how sweet fruit really is. Last night I made Chicken Ragu ( out of Giada De Laurentis' Family Dinners) over wheat pasta and Anna said "it was so good it was like falling in love". I really should enroll that kid in an acting class, she's a natural drama queen :)

I also recently bought myself a day planner, looks like I'm going to need it to balance family time, cooking healthy meals, working ( getting a job soon, and yeah, I know I've been saying that but the holidays are over and jobs are opening up), working from home on sewing and blogging. 2008 looks like it's shaping up to be a very good (and busy ) year!

So what's on your plate for this year? Have you set any goals for yourself? Are you tackling a new project too?


Judy Thomas said...

I'm proud of you for making sure the kids (and you and John) are eating healthier. You go, girl! Going now to check out the new blog.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

That's so great you're doing well on the healthier eating, you were part of my inspiration too you know! I am doing really well with my weight watchers, I have leftover points every day so I'm excited for weigh in on Saturday.

LIBSMOM said...

For the most part, we are an organic family too! It's expensive but I believe worth it too. My kids prefer organic now and ask me before they take a bite if it's organic!!
This year, I am going to have weight loss surgery. In fact, my husband is too. I'm going to back to Overeaters Anonymous and following a food plan of abstinence. I'm excited too!

Ash said...

you know my resolutions. no more damn fast food. it would be good if McD, burger king, wendys and taco bell just burned the fuck down.