Friday, January 11, 2008

8 random things about Emma

Emma was tagged by Baby Bug to do a meme regarding 8 random things about her life. Baby Bug's mommy is the lovely Kailani at An Island Life.

Emma is going on three years old (end of March), and has quite a bit to say about her life:

1. My favorite number is "2 year old", I have a feeling it's going to change soon.

2. My name is Emma Whoas Rahvitch, I'm two yee-ah ohld, and I love to steal my sit'sters toys.

3. I also like to duller in my dullering books, and play with my new dahl house I got for Dhismas.

4. At bedtime I try to think of as many was I can to try to get out of bed. At bedtime I suddenly become very hungry, thirsty, and usually need one tissue per boager. Sometimes I need medicine for hurts like sudden headaches and bely aches at bedtime, that myster-wee-usly disappear the moment the Tylen(ol) hits my tongue.

5. I usually obsess about one toy for a week to a week and a half. I cannot sleep if I don't have my toy, even though it changes every week.

6. Mommy says that Anna is her Mini Me (with a few of her own twists thrown in, for sure), and I am Anna's Mini Me, plus some. A Mini Mini Me makes for lots of laughs. And sometimes a grumpy mommy. Sister thinks it's very funny and is sometimes proud that I make the same smooshy grumpy faces, and roll my eyes exactly the same.

7. I love my kitty cat and I call her Baby Zo. She sometimes bites me, and even though mommy says leave her alone i still like to pet her... then run complaining to mommy that Baby Zo bit me. the last time Baby Zo bit me, I told mommy what she did. A few minutes later I told mommy why Baby Zo bit me. I don't understand... all I was doing was brushing her with my old baby brush.

8. Lately, daddy is my favorite. I like to watch him get up from his xbox 360 chair to come and wipe my butt after I go potty. Also, even though mommy is sitting in the living room right next to me using her laptop, I like to have daddy put down his controller every few minutes to get me the things I really need like snacks, milk, and one tissue for each boager.

Dis was fun! Who should I tag? What is a tag? Oh, OK I get it now.

I tag Spider Boy or little Monkey, their daddy is Daddy Forever. Mommy says he is very funny. he is on a bloggin break? But hopefully he will have time in a little bit.

I love babies, so I also tag Leila or Alexis. Mommy says a that their mommy Ash uses all the words she wishes she could use on her blog. I'm not sure what that means. Mommy also says that Lexi's mommy doesn't like Memes, but she might not be so mad cuz I'm cute and I smeel like flo


Maggie said...

She's adorable! I love the little tiny voice.

Ash said...

That is like Blackmail, Mary! Using your child to make me do a meme. BAD MARY. But it's all good, I'll have Leila do it after school today.


(and that's the good thing about not running ad's, no one to care if I say Motherfucker.)

kailani said...

LOL! You're right, Ash is funny. I may have to check her blog out!

Thanks Emma for doing the tag. Baby Bug really appreciates it. She's always complaining that cat scratched her, too. Gee, I wonder why? hee hee

Avery Gray said...

What a cutie! And she already likes money. Girl after my own heart!

Judy Thomas said...

How wonderful... a mini-tag-meme. I have my laptop back and so I'm back in the visiting blogsite realm of reality. How cool is that?? Did ya miss me? Huh? Huh?... what do you mean you didn't know I was gone????

Pamela said...

hopped over here after seeing her tagged by baby bug.

This was as much fun for me as it was for you

Kristie said...

So cute and fun! Thanks, Mert!

Daddy Forever said...

It started out as a break so I could finish a bunch of projects for work. Now I'm just sick. You're a nurse(?), how about sending me the cure?

Dorky Dad said...

Dang those intolerant cats. Never letting you brush them with odd things. Never letting you use them as a big giant pillow. Never letting you pull their tails. Sheesh.

Andy said...
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Holly Schwendiman said...

What a fun meme twist. I love reading about the kiddos. They keep us on our toes, smiling, giggling and all the other stuff too!!


Judy Thomas said...

Come back, Mert... you've been tagged :-):

baby advice said...

simply precious!!!

wolfbaby said...

She is to cute for words!!!