Thursday, September 14, 2006

13 things that annoy me, Thursday 13 #2

Thirteen Things that annoy Mary

1. People that consistantly interrupt, especially people in the media.

2. People that talk so loudly on their cell phones, you can't hear yourself think.

3. When I run out of and forget to buy my sweet elixer of life, coffee.

4. When someone refuses to take the last of something to be polite, but put their hands all over it in the process of breaking it in half. Why bother, just eat it already!

5. Creep crawly critters in my house.

6. A daily occurrance for me- dropping something on my boob region, causing a stain.

7. The accidental or purposed lack of chocolate options.

8. Speaking of lack... the fact that most stores carry a limited amount of plus sized clothing, and sometimes none at all.

9. People that spam your in box, but don't take the time to actually email you anything but jokes.

10. Local Real Estate Agents. I don't think I have had an honest one yet.

11. Rude cutomer service representatives.

* OK, the next few are delicate in nature, stop reading here if you don't like those sort of things*

12. Grown people who pee on the toilet seat, especially women. I mean- your closer to the pot, right? Women should at least be able to make the shot. ;O)

And lastly, one of my least favorite things of all...

13. The dreaded "back splash" while using public toilets. Who knows who used the potty before you... I just want to hose myself off with hand sanitizer!

Ok, now I am going to go take like 4 showers. Be sure to check out some of the other entries. Happy Thursday!

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Lorraine said...

great TT. Yes...I'm off to have a shower too ! LOL.

Raggedy said...

Great TT..
The last few make me want to shower.
Have a great Thursday
My list is up

Norma said...

Great list of gripes. Now read mine.

Pass The Torch said...

Hehehe. Very funny list. All would be on mine too! I wrote a mega-meme post on Saturday - follow the Mr. Linky link for that one.

I’m looking for feedback.

Pass The Torch said...

Hey! Pretty new pears! You must have just changed your look, like this minute!

Kailani said...

Where am I? I thought I got lost there for a moment. Love the new look!

I always think of the back splash, too. Gross!

Karmyn R said...

There is NOTHING worse than sitting down on a seat and it being wet (I experience that less now that I have drilled into my son to put the lid up.)

Hey - you changed your template. It is very "spring" looking. Nice.

Audrey said...

I am absolutely with you on 1, 12, and 13. Great list!

Thanks for stopping by my place!

Jenny Ryan said...

6. A daily occurrance for me- dropping something on my boob region, causing a stain.

Holy cow, I am EXACTLY the same way:p

Thanks for visiting my TT :)

DKRaymer said...

Mert! Love your candid thoughts on public restrooms. Could you make signs saying, "Ladies, Please Make The Shot!" If you do, we'll post them in restrooms all over the country. Sam and I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. I'm feeling much better. Happy TT!

LaShawn said...

back splash...ewwwwwwww

Happy TT!

nadnuts aka wideimagination said...

I totally agree with you on #11 :D

Thanks for the visit :D

Brony said...

I hear you on 1,2,9,10,12 and 13.
Great list.