Friday, September 29, 2006

Ok, this is just weird!

We have been thinking about taking our house off the market for 2 weeks now because no one has even looked at it in over a month. Our agent hasn't done much for us, just one open house,and has showed the house herself only twice. She went on vacation for a month and didn't even tell us she was going until 2 days before. In that time, the agent filling in for her was not very helpful either, as a matter of fact she actually helped the sellers of the house we had put an offer on and many times took their side. If only we had stood our ground and did For Sale By Owner, instead of being the gullible push overs, we probably could have sold our house by now. GAH!

A few nights ago we had a rep from a window and siding company come by to give us an estimate on our attic space. Since we have had our house on the market for 4 months, we really haven't had any bites.The fact that the price of houses are dropping for the first time in 8 years, and that we aren't asking much more than we owe... well we are coming to terms with the fact that we are stuck with old , bitter, *b* of a house. We have sunk a lot of money into this hag, and as charming as she may appear on the outside she is very demanding. It's never enough, she just wants more.

Anyway we were planning on adding a 3rd bedroom up in our massive attic, but that would require that we replace the original 1930's windows , add moisture barrier to the siding up there, then new siding. (The rest of the house is brick) Later on , we had planned to tear off our laundry room and add a second bathroom/laundry room.

The couple that came the other night are in the market for a house, and just couldn't believe their eyes. So instead of showing them the siding and windows we need replaced, we ended up giving them a tour of our completely messy house. He called back and wants to see the house in day light, and put earnest money down, but without a realtor.

We called out agent and told her we want to cancel our contract, she says she understands so hopefully we can have that done soon. Seen as our agent sucks at her job, we don't feel guilty about not telling her that we have a potential buyer outside of her realm. We had already pretty much decided that our house was going to come off the market. Our original contract said if we cancelled, we would still owe her 6%, but she told John that she would waive it. Now we just have to contact our lawyer, and sit back and see if this is for real.

The buyer called me the next day and asked what we had thought. I figured I wouldn't beat around the bush since he could have been talking about either siding or buying our house. I told him we are interested, our initial reaction was that this too good to be true. I also told him that I want our lawyer to draw up the papers. He said that this is for real, and he fully expected a lawyer to be involved. He wants to come back to look at our house during the day, and to sign a contract while putting earnest money down if they still like it. We'll see I guess

The best part is this... remember my post about the poops that were giving us so much trouble about buying their house? They have reduced their asking price another 12 thousand, and even though we no longer have a contract to buy their house, their agent is once again knocking at our door. Hurumphhh! I am interested in the house, but not really interested in those knuckleheads getting any of my money... so again, we will see how things work out. I am praying that the Lord is still saving a house for us, and when we first started all of this I was certain that He was saying this is the house, after praying a bit about it. So maybe, like I said in the post linked above, this house will be ours after all. Not to be cocky, but this is what I posted:

Finally their agent told them it would be in their best interest to bide their time until our contract expired on August 24th (meaning that we will not have sold our house by then), in which case we would get our earnest money back, and our contract would be null and void.

I almost would rather just do that and find another house. I think though, that our contract might expire, they will have no other buyers lined up. We will find another house, and they will be knocking our door down, begging us to reconsider. We might, but it's going to cost them another 7-10 grand. I don't like mind games, and all the drama is really wearing on me. I deserve a little compensation for my trauma, don't I?
I dread starting the house hunting process over, so we will wait until we have earnest money and a signed contract in hand. Here we go again!

Yesterday my MIL talked to a co-worker who said she might know a lady who is interested in Sasha. We told her to let the lady know that she cannot be returned to us or taken to a shelter, so we will see. Yesterday, being that I am incapable of making a decision and sticking to it for more than 30 minutes at a time (under stressful circumstances, mind you), I flip-flopped back and forth about whether or not to try to keep her. Just when I thought there was hope, she would become a raging ball of fur again, and I would have to put her back in the laundry room. She bit Emma's hand 3 times in a matter of a minute yesterday. No broken skin, but still- all Hope shot in the back. Last night John took her out while I was putting Emma down for bed, and the second I came down she went berserk. No word on the potential buyer for the dog yet, if we don't hear back from my MIL's friend by tonight, we are going to take Sasha back. I think she is determined to go out with bang, fart and a whistle because she has pooped and peed in my living room this morning. *Sigh* I am still going to miss her.


Holly said...

Here's hoping for a happy ending! We just made a big move this past summer. I LOVE having it all done. Sending happy thoughts and well wishes your way!

Holly's Corner

kailani said...

I'm so sorry that Sasha isn't working out. I know how excited you were to get her. But you're right, your child's safety comes first.