Thursday, March 13, 2008


Today my brother Ben emailed me about my cousin Rachel, who is in her mid twenties and has a son almost Anna's age. She recently found a lump under her arm and had it looked at , they took some fluid from it and the test results came back cancerous. From what I understand- from what Ben told me- she was sent to an oncologist and they are waiting for biopsy results. They are planning surgery, and it will be happening soon.

I also believe that God is and awesome God, and that he has the power to heal completely. I believe that He cares for us and loves us deeply, even when we have separated ourselves from Him.

So today, I am asking all of you Christians, Jews and Catholics, please, to pray for my cousin. Please pray that God make her whole, that she comes through this untouched, that the cancer disappears by His hand, because He is and AWESOME God. I have faith that He can completely heal Rachel, and I am asking for you to please take a stand with me. Please pray for Rachel, her husband Matt, and her parents, John and Yvonne. Please pray for her sisters Sarah and Jennifer. I am praying for the most skilled physicians and nurses to be working with her, and for Rachel to feel love and peace, and unwavering trust and faith in her Heavenly Father.

John and Yvonne are flying out to be with Rachel this next week, I believe. My aunt Yvonne (seen sometimes in comments as Anti Yvonne) will be staying with Rachel if she needs surgery.

I hoping that at least once something good comes out of this blog. Thanks for reading this, and on my cousin's family's behalf I thank you for your generosity, your prayers and your faith.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mary,
I needed that prayer of encougement, I hadn't even thought about praying for those doing the
I love you,
Anti Yvonne

kailani said...

Sending my prayers for a happy ending.

Susie said...

Definitely sending prayers to your family.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Done and done. I'm so sorry for the scary news. These experiences are always rattling.


Judy Thomas said...

My prayers are with your family and the doctors. Please keep me informed.

Michelle said...

Hey Mert,
I am a daily reader of yours :) I even have you on my blogroll girl because I love your blog and what you have to say about life. I never commented before, but I want you to know your cousin and all your family are in my prayers for a good outcome and that she is in God's favor. I will put her in our prayer chain too.

soleil said...

Your cousin will be in my thoughts and in my prayers. ((Hugs))

- Soleil (Dandelion Dust)

Daddy Forever said...

I will pray for her and hope everything works out.

Susie said...

How is your cousin? I have been thinking of her....