Tuesday, March 11, 2008

OK, maybe not :/

First off, let me say that I just did my first official post for The Parent Bloggers Network. We received The Zula Patrol: Explore Space! DVD , but if you want to see what we thought of it, head on over to Simply Mert, my new-ish review blog!

Things are going good here at the 'vich front, kinda.

Yesterday morning Anna looked very pale and her cough was getting worse so I listened to her lungs, plus she had a fever of 102.2. I heard some crackles in the left lung and decreased breath sounds on the right (which is an indication of poor air exchange, possibly from many causes but in this case it could have indicated that her lower lung was already pretty well saturated with pneumonia).

Anna and Emma both had pneumonia twice last least year, and Anna had it once already this year (She was preemptively treated for pneumonia earlier this year because she had a nasty cold. The doctor had a hard time determining if he heard things moving in her chest or not because of all of her congestion, and since she had pneumonia twice last year he decided to go ahead and treat it.)so when my girls get a wet cough- especially if the gunk they cough up turns yellow- I don't mess around. I take them in.

John took Anna to the doctor yesterday and my poor girl has Walking Pneumonia.

Luckily I trusted my mother's/nurse's intuition and had her seen. Her chest began to hurt last night after being seen, which usually means the pneumonia is getting worse. Last year, she developed a 105 fever in less than 48 hours after the onset of symptoms... so you can see why it makes me nervous when my kids get sick.

Anyway, last night she got a high starting dose at 8pm (called a loading dose), and by 10:30pm her fever was down to 97.6 from 101.7. She was very angry with me that I didn't let her go to school today, so that's another good sign LOL! Usually when she is very sick, she's too tired for drama. ;)

To top it all off, Emma has decided that her night time bribes are no longer adequate compensation for going to bed like a big girl all by herself... and proceeded to scream of and on for over an hour. Taking short breaks when we went upstairs to console her of course! In the end I had to threaten her new Build A Bear bunny.

"Scream again and your bunny sleeps with the fishes."

I'm just kidding! I told her that I would put it in time out. ;) Evidently that did the trick, because "Nobody puts Bunny in a corner."


Marci said...

Hey sis,
So sorry to hear that Anna isn't feeling good. Poor little thing and poor mom. I know how hard it is on you too when they are sick. Hope she gets better real soon.

Love you

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Haha, sorry, but that "no one puts bunny in a corner" made me laugh so hard I forgot what I was going to comment... I love Dirty Dancing...did you hear Patrick Swayze is dying of pancreatic cancer and only has a few weeks to live? I think I heard that last week already! :(