Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What a stinker!!!!

Anna has come to know and trust her mom as a pit checker. This means that if she is in any way concerned that she might be a little funky, she presents her arm in a salute and I do a quick damage control assessment. And sometimes I have to slap some deodorant on her pits after she has had an energetic day at school, because my girls don't get baths every day... they both have very dry skin and eczema. :/

Since nothing is sacred in this house, especially any alone time a mother could wish for ( ie: restroom breaks), Anna barged into the bathroom and asked that I do a pit check. From the throne I leaned forward and took a whiff, gasped, coughed, then took another whiff.

Upon seeing what I can only assume looked like shock, horror and/or utter disbelief, my darling 7 year old began to laugh hysterically. She laughed the laugh of a seasoned practical joker.

She literally ROFL'd.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you?!!!!"

"Yeah," she giggled, barely able to form the words, "I knew it was bad, I wanted to see the look.... bwahahahahahaahahhhaaaaaa!"

*sigh* I shudder to think what April Fool's will bring. Heaven (and Proctor and Gamble) help me.

Today, Anna and Emma watched Diego (Anna is on Spring vacation), and Emma announced that she wanted to get Hungry Hippo Hippo ( Hungry Hungry Hippo) after seeing a commercial.

"You know, that game was out when I was a kid," I said to my two precious babes.

"When you were a kid, were the hippos like a bluish-gray," Anna asked me.

"Are you saying that I'm so old that games were in black and white when I was a kid?" My mouth dropped open in disbelief, then turned up in a smile because my sweet 7 year old is wise [and funny] beyond her years.

This was her response, or something akin to it anyway:
Man, are we in trouble.


Pamela said...

(try Eurcerin cream or Aquaphor for that dry skin. I have skin problems like that, too)

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

HAHA! That girl is hilarious! I love that she did the pit check on purpose just to get a laugh!

The Hungry Hungry Hippo color thing was totally clever and funny! I love it!

Mustela is the best for eczema...

Susie said...

LOL... my daughter does that too, only she is 12 and thinks it is funny... I will never forget the day my 8 year old nephew told her it smelled like chocolate chip cookies... I don't know what my sister was putting in those cookies, but I don't want to eat them!

Judy Thomas said...

I love your Anna...and your Emma! They crack me up all the time... lol

Holly Schwendiman said...

Hee hee! Great shares. What did we ever do for entertainment and education before kids??!!