Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Great Google-y moogley in a can!

This new beta Blog is driving me bersak! I have tried all day to edit my template, and half the time I couldn't even get the home page to load. Extreme exasperation! Hmmm...Sounds like a new soda flavor for Mountain Dew... I may have something here. Just think, I could make tens of dollars by submitting my idea to their company.

The taste of the new and improved Mountain Dew flavor, Extreme Exasperation will make the consumer feel as if they are off road dirt biking, near the thunderous flow of river rapids... all with the hint of "parking ticket".

Anyway, I have posted the new Poll of the Week to the right (in the side bar area), you will note that it is of a very sensitive subject matter and may lead to a heated discussion, reader beware.

ETA: DK was kind enough to point out another option for the poll, so option #3 is in her honor. Thanks DK!


DKRaymer said...

Okay, I didn't see anything on the right, but I did find a cheesecake poll near the bottom left, so I voted in it. Hope this is the right one! (Still a stumbling newbie blogger here.) I believe cheesecake is neither a pie or a cake - it is its own foodgroup, like chocolate - and should be added to the daily food pyramid, replacing red meat.
DK Raymer

Karmyn R said...

HI - saw your name over at Robin's (Pensieve). Decided to stop by and say, "hello" - and

I think we are going to get along....cheesecake poll and an admitted chocoloholic? Are we long lost sisters or what?

Dawn said...

I just saw the polls so I'm off to vote. I know it's been forever since I came to say Hi--sorry--but I think hubby if finally getting back to normal, which means I get my life back!

Talk to you soon!

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...
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Mert said...

Hi Karmyn, thanks for stopping by my blog! Hmmm... we could very well be long lost sisters, do you also have a penchant for sticking your foot in your mouth at very awkward moments, or is it just me? LOL! If so, we may be twins.ROFL!

Hi Dawn *hugs*, good to see ya, woman! I know it's been rough in your camp, so the fact that I see yuo here must mean things are getting better, and thats really good news!

Thanks for the votes on my poll, guys.

Edit: the posts above were deleted because of duplicates, not because it was material I found offensive about the cheesecake voting, :O)

Robin said...

Surrrrrrrre, I can vote for cheesecake! I love the person who coined the phrase "Life is short, eat dessert first!"

I've never done it, but sometimes it HAS been breakfast (with a healthy class of milk) :). If I started with dessert, why would there be any need to eat the rest of it? Just wasted calories at that point ;).

Off to vote (and good luck w/the Blogger headaches! It's been so slow for me, when I have had a moment to read/write, it's taken 5x too long!)