Friday, August 25, 2006

We need to talk.

Dearest friends,

I have been meaning to talk to you about a few things. Where do I start? I know we have known each other for a long time, so this makes what I am about to say very difficult for me.

Even though we have spent long nights together (and brief moments in the morning and afternoon if I needed), enjoying each others company, our relationship must come to an end. I have enjoyed the times we have shared, but in the end I always end up feeling disgusted with myself, and the realization of what I have been doing overshadows any joy and pleasure I have felt. You are weighing me down, and I just can't take it anymore.

I can't even stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore, that's just how bad I feel. Loving you has hurt me, I see this now. I don't think I can even be in the same room with you anymore... but I hope that one day we can pass each other in the grocery store, or on the street and be polite to one another. One day I might even be able to have you over for dinner, or maybe even a movie out.

For now, I must say farewell. I will be busy running around, so it probably will be a while before I can even think of seeing you again.

For the Love of Cheese, please don't try to work your way back into my heart, just let me be.

Good bye Fast Food, Butter and Chocolate, I wish you well. I will miss you, and know I will always be thinking of you.

Sincerly, Mary


Kailani said...

That was very creative! Good luck with the diet!

Mert said...

Thanks Kailani, and thanks for visiting my blog again!

Robin said...

Say it ain't so! How can you say farewell to such a beautiful relationship? All three at the same time?? Have you lost your mind?! :)

Tongue in cheek, if you have the where-with-all (wear-with-all?) to do it, you go girl.

Me? I'd still flirt with 'em, but never say good-bye for good to butter...and chocolate.

Fun post!

DKRaymer said...

Hi, I'm a new Blogging Chick just out this evening visiting other BC blogs. Your site's terrific and I love the pictures! Stop by and meet me at "A Flyover Blog" when you're in the neighborhood. Have a terrific week!

CyberCelt said...

I hope your diet goes well. I have the same problem and think humor always helps. Here from the BC Carnival.

Malissa said...

NO! not the chocolate!

Amanda said...

okay ... fast food is an easy divorce...
but chocolate

c'mon...... I just had a brownie

Pamela said...

ha ha... you got a Pamela post with Amanda's signature

She's visiting and apparently was logged in on my computer.

She agrees, to

Shalee said...

For the record, Jello Pudding makes a most EXCELLENT sugar-free (Egads!) white chocolate pudding. See? You may be able to visit at least one friend over time...

Mert said...

Thanks everyone for the moral support, I need it!

Robin, yes I think I had a moment of insanity, thinking I could say goodbye to my first love. No, not Elvis... Chocolate! :D

DKRaymer, I will be by to check out your blog, thanks for stopping by.

CyberCelt, I will keep you in my prayers. I hope you are doing better than I am right now, LOL!

Malissa,Amanda ,Pamela/Amanda *wink* , I know, I know- What in the Holy Hershey was I thinking?
I hope the brownie was good, I am jealous!

Shalee, I have tried the pudding, I had forgotten all about that stuff! I buy it for my daughter because she tends to become a grumpy sour puss when she has too much sugar, and then sugar crashes.
Hmmmm... looking in fride later, for sure.

Jennifer said...

Great post--very clever.