Monday, August 14, 2006

Things I have learned from the ankle biters...

As I was putting Emma to bed last night, and just shortly after her hand lovingly smeared saliva on my cheek, what occurred to me was this:Though I appreciate your keen observation that spit is wet, you need not test it properties on my person.

That got me thinking about other valuable life lessons I have learned from my children...

Poop is an effective tracking device.

Bath water is very tasty, despite all the additives it may contain.

Naps, evidently are more fun for adults than they are for kids.

Having a second child quadruples your already doubled laundry.

Just when you believe you are winning the War on Stuffed Animals, someone gives you another. If you sell 10 stuffed animals at your own yard sale, you will get one free from your neighbors yard sale because your 16 month old is "sooooo cute".

One nose + one finger = one occupied child and 2 embarrassed parents

Dried milk is impossible to clean off of leather furniture. Which is ironic, don't you think?

If you encourage your child to talk at an early age, they will. Take this tidbit in whatever context you wish. *wink*

While encouraging your child to talk, sign language may come in handy in the event that every word sounds like "butt".

Kids don't listen, except when you want them not to.

Rants about your MIL are best kept private because eventually the precocious 3 year old that you taught early language skills to will probably spill the beans.

It doesn't matter how much or little peanut butter you put on a slice of bread, it's always going to land face down.

If your 5 year old tells you that you are getting old 3 times in a 24 hour period, it's probably true.

*This one is my husband's contribution* Men, if you have a cup, wear it. Your reproductive parts that you cherish so much will always be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Pretty much every bad habit your child has is a direct reflection upon your self. Where do you think they learned it from, the mailman?

And finally... No one gives a hug like a 16 month old. Hugs from your 5 year old are just as wonderful, but infrequent. Take them when you can get them.


Kailani said...

Those were really great and so true! Love them! Thank for stopping by my site!

Michelle said...

Those are some excellent lessons to have learned!

Dawm said...

I can't wait to have kids. That was such a sweet post:)

Mike said...

"Rants about your MIL are best kept private because eventually the precocious 3 year old that you taught early language skills to will probably spill the beans."

I'm going through a related problem right now. My wife's b-day is coming up. I was shopping with the kids over the weekend trying to figure out how to involve them in chosing a present while knowing that they are going to tell mom. I guess I'll have to buy something with them and something else without them.

For Valentine's day, as soon as we got home, my daughter said, "Mom, we bought you a book." At least she didn't know the titles.

Diana said...

Thanks for participating in the Carnival of Family Life 15

TC said...

Wonderful and true. My addition: Having your four year old ask you to sit down and "spend time with her" is a wonderful and rare treat. take advantage of it while you can.

Mert said...

Mike, I so know what you mean. We are purposely not telling our 5 yr old that we are planning a 60th birthday party for my MIL, she would spill the beans, lol.

Thank for stopping by my site, Diana! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and left comments. :O)

tc, I agree. If your child says they want snuggle time, drop everything and enjoy it, because they grow up so fast.

baggage said...

What cute kids! My daughter has the same "Santa outfit"!

Jami Leigh said...

Your children are precious! Love the lessons.