Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'm IT!

Yesterday I was tagged by stillrockin to do the 5 Things You May Not Know About Me. Since I do not know this fella, I thought it was kind of odd. As I mentioned in a comment after his, I was raised to never play tag with strangers. But then Local Girl mentioned that she knew him and I thought, "OK!"

The problem is that I have done quite a few meme's and I am not sure if there is anything left to reveal about myself... Well, anything that is interesting, anyway.

I'll be back in 5 hours...
..........Hmmmm. Uhhhh?

1. My husband says that I am a geek. I have some issues with this since , first off that's the pot calling the kettle black- Mr. Hospital IT /self taught/no formal training computer Person. Just because I have learned my way around the computer by destroying it with zillions of downloads for a PC game, then ripping my computer apart to fix it... and also learning basic html by ripping apart Blogger templates... That doesn't make me a geek! I do it for fun. It's not a living. It just makes me a self taught techie, just like...

You. OH. Dang, I'm a geek.

2. Appearance means everything to me. I am always concerned that everything is in it's place, and that it is visually appealing. I get bored easily when something isn't pretty anymore, and have to change it. By appearance, I am talking about my blog, of course! Otherwise those rules may or may not apply. Not to my house, as of right now though. It's in Post Christmas Shambles. I am usually tired of a blog template in 2 months, that's why it wouldn't be too terribly responsible of me to pay for one. If any blog designers would like to advertise/display new blog designs on my blog for free... I am all for it! email me :O)

By the way, the fact that I am constantly changing my template for fun has earned me uber-geek status from my husband.

3. I am temperamental. Sometimes a mood will strike and will change again with the tide. Most of the time I can occupy myself and keep myself busy, but sometimes- just sometimes I am so restless that I feel like I am coming out of my skin. When I am like this nothing seems to make me happy. I am wondering if rejoining the work force will help... I just have to wait for the wounds on my right leg to heal... then I can go to work. Waiting.... waiting.

4. This one is very hard for me to admit, and is very personal... but since I am running out of things you don't know about me, here it goes.

I know that at times I have the signs and symptoms of being bipolar, like my mother. Most of the time it's not overwhelming. I see and recognize the signs and try to change my behavior accordingly- usually after a good cry. I have always worried that one day I will be like her, and at one point told myself I would never have children. I would rather spare another human the suffering I went through as a child but choosing not to get married and have kids. I have also worried that (no offense to fellow sufferers out there) that admitting that I might be bipolar and going for help would mean that I am crazy, just like her (with OCD, Multiple Personality Disorder, and bipolar). In a way, this makes #3 make sense to me.

5. I am a R&B (and sometimes hip-hop/rap) junkie. Because of this, my husband has listened to music he never would have even tried. This includes DMX, Tupac, Babyface, Aaliyah, Timberland, The Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Johnny Gill, Boyz II Men, Brain McKnight, Mary J. Blige, Maxwell, Tony Rich...

I in turn have discovered over the years that I love alternative music because of my husband's taste in music. I never would have listened to a lot of music if it weren't for him, including: Linkin Park, Evanescence, Beck, Cake, Depeche Mode, Level 42, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Queen, In The Nursery, Thomas Dolby, Camouflage, Conjure One, Delerium, Paul Schwartz, Robert Miles...

So there you have it, 5 things you probably didn't know about me. :O) Who should I tag? Local Girl was already tagged...

How about ... (but only if you want to)
Just My 2 Cents
Jenny Ryan


local girl said...

I would love to be an ubercomputer geek. I end up spending so much money on templates because I get bored easily, too. I'm so amazed at those who can keep the same theme for years!

I don't think there's anything wrong with going for help. If anything, they may rule out that you're bipolar. It might be good to know for sure one way or another.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

tiggerprr said...

Hello! I did my duty! :)

Willowtree said...

I'm actually a trained geek, but I can't edit my template since I went to TP. But that's not a problem for me because I prefer Substance over Style anyway.

Not that Style isn't important too, it's just that a well written post in on a boring template is better than a boring post on a well designed template.

At the end of the day, I read all my subscriptions through Bloglines, so I don't see templates unless I leave a comment.


Incog & Nito said...

Happy New Year to you!!

Jenny Ryan said...

Yay, I played! Thanks for tagging me :)

Stillrockin said...

ASP, thanks so much for playing Tag with me! Everyone on my blogroll but two had already been tagged. That sent me on a quest! You seemed fun so I "Tagged" you!

Happy New Year!

Karmyn R said...

Dang - I've already played this game in the past (twice). So - sorry won't be doing it.

but I enjoyed reading yours! hee hee - geek. uh-uh. no way. I don't believe it. Anyone who listens to R&B hip/hop cannot be a geek. So there - I have given you a reprieve.

Happy New Year, Mert!

DariDonovan said...

Its always nice to find out interesting things about people. I enjoyed my visit here. Stop by sometime.

my 2 cents said...

These are fun to read and thanks for tagging me! Ditto your #3.. I tend to be temperamental too.