Wednesday, December 20, 2006

She makes me so proud! *sniff*

Last night, as we were watching Jump In on the Disney channel, Anna explained to us that she got into a heated discussion with 2 of her classmates. Two years ago, we explained that once upon a time there had been a Santa figure, but not anymore. He was a fairy tale that parents had their children to believe in to get them to behave throughout the year. To some this may seem cruel... shattering a sweet an innocent thing into a million pieces, squashing a child's heart and dreams in the process. To my husband and I, what seems more cruel is feed a child with nonsense, only to have them crushed and in despair when they learn that the fairy tale is just that, and that their parents have been lying to them for years.
For me personally, I would dread that day... knowing that my child had lost all faith and trust in me.
Also, we got sick and tired of Santa getting all the credit, when we were the ones busting our humps.
*On a side note* Sometimes Anna gets picked on by classmates, it started in preschool and unfortunately some of them are in her kindergarten class. I have been working on the idea of self-defense without antagonizing them- meaning I have explained that it is OK to stand up for herself, but it's not OK told hold a grudge and instigate because she is mad that they treated her bad... in essence making her like them. I am also trying to get across the notion that the more she lets them see that she is bothered by them, the more they will pick on her.
Anyway, Anna told them that there is no Santa, Megan and Grace (fellow kindergarten'ers, part-time snot balls) became indignant and told her that if you say you don't believe in Santa, he will not come and leave presents at your house.
Her response? How can Santa not leave presents at my house, if he doesn't exist?As she told me this, The Gasp That Was Heard Around the World took place. It almost brought a tear to my eye!
My baby is all grown up! She makes her momma proud... but my job here isn't quite done.


Karmyn said...

ACK! Your daughter is one of THOSE stinkers-
THE kid in kindergarten who ruins it for the rest of the believing kids. Forcing them to come home and ask their parents (when the parents arn't ready to divulge - hoping for one more year of wide-eyed innocence and believing) :)

Mert said...

I know, I need to tell her to keep her big mouth shut! LOL! I never intended her to do that, I promise. :O)

mark said...

The whole Santa thing - I can see both sides, and it's going to be like the breast v. bottle debate. The "Bring it on, Mmmmm-Hmmm" - classic. That's the stuff that oscar winning, well, maybe golden globe winning movies are made of.

Connie said...

As someone who was devastated when I found out the truth about Santa and the Tooth Fairy, I've handled it much the same way you have. My kids have beeng given strict instructions to not blab to other kids, but sometimes they do. I figure a) it's not what Christmas is supposed to be about and b) I work too hard for the money to buy presents to give the credit to some fake fat white guy who wears fur, makes kids sit on his lap, and exploits reindeer and little people! ;)

Mert said...

Mark, I agree... the debate could get heated. On the other hand, I bottle fed and don't really give a crap. LOL! *cheeky grin* I actually couldn't breast feed- long, boring, and it would require the explanation of potentially embarrassing information about my body parts... so I'll skip it.

Connie, your comment made my husband and I both bust a gut. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :O)

local girl said...

I can't remember how I felt when I found out Santa didn't exist. Maybe I was so traumatized that I blocked it out of my mind.

Tisha said...

*LOL* I remember seeing mom put a dollar under my pillow and taking my tooth. Later on that day I found her "stash" of our old teeth...eww Gross. I knew then and there that I'd been had all those years. Yet, I still LIE to my own children. When will I learn?

Jenny Ryan said...

She said if I did that again, she would sit on my head and fart on it while I was sleeping.

That is just AWESOME!