Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Emma took 4 steps on her own last night! On second thought, why the heck am I cheering about this? Waaaaaaaah... My baby is officially a toddler! Oh man, she is growing too fast. Time to start feeding her coffee and ciggs to stunt her growth. *ponders for a moment* Nope. Didn't work for Anna...

Just kidding. Sheesh , get over yourself. :OP

Today is my brother's 33rd? I think? Birthday!!!!!! Happy Birthday Ben! *smooch smooch*
Don't worry, buddy, I still have more gray hair than you. We have our gene pool to thank for that. Unfortunately, somebody peed in it. :( Ooooh, and I think I see a dead frog. Anywhooo, Happy Birthday , bro! Love ya!

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