Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
For all the moms who are perfect
and not-so-perfect,
The content
and the exhausted,
The happy and the frazzled...
For all the moms who gave life
and chose to give it away,
And all the moms who prayed for a
child and gave a child a home...
For the moms who cry, love,
mourn, laugh, worry, sacrifice,
I hope that you know that you have
made a difference in the world,
and that you have a beautiful Mother's day.


Holly Schwendiman said...

Um forgot the Kleenex warning!! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Hugs & a very Happy Mother's Day to you!


Pamela said...

and to you

(My word verification is RATUIR... as in right you are red neck style.)

maggie said...

Happy Mom Day to YOU.

Slackermommy said...

I love that. Happy Mother's Day (a day late) to you too!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Awesome, LOVE IT! I hope you had a fab mommies day!

kailani said...

What a beautiful tribute to all Mothers! Hope you had a wonderful celebration!

Daddy Forever said...

That was wonderful. Looks like you could make a living designing e-cards!

Pass The Torch said...

What a beautiful poem!!