Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: 13 videos from the 80's that I loved when I was a teen

This 13 is inspired by my previous post :D Nostalgia... it can show us what we were made of in the past- which for me would be pop, bubble gum, angst and bad hair. Here are 13 of my favorite 80's songs.

1. Tears For Fears Shout

2.Robert Palmer Addicted to Love

3. Duran Duran Hungry Like A Wolf

4. Wham Everything She Wants

5. AHA Take On Me

6. Tears For Fears Everybody Wants To Rule The World

7. Whitney Houston Dance With Somebody

8.Human League Human

9. Human League Don't You Want Me

10. Madonna Borderline

11. Cindy Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun

12. Samantha Fox Touch me

13. The Eurythmics Sweet Dreams


msbatman said...

I seriously considered doing this exact same 'theme' today, but then I realized how lazy I am today, and thought.. man, do you know how much work it would take to come up with 13 songs and make sure they were from the 80's.

How sad am I?

Great list btw.

Oh, and Aha's Take on Me, was a great song, but it was an even greater video

Pen said...

Ah, 80s music! Some of it is so bad it's! I love most of these songs!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Love this list!!! 12 and 13 were the only ones I was not familiar with! Take On Me was a super video...also always liked Bangles "Walk Like and Egyptian" and anything George Michael.

JAM said...

I love 80s music. I don't like what's on the radio these days though. Sign of age I guess.

Tears for Fears is my absolute favorite band of all time. I have all of their cds and still listen to them more than any other band from any era. Their latest, Everyone Loves A Happy Ending from 2005, is as good as anything they've ever done. If you haven't heard it, treat yourself to it.

Borderline is the only song by Madonna I have ever liked.

Can't deal with the Samantha Fox song though.

Heck, I even liked Wham! songs too. I'm secure enough in my manhood to admit that now.

Toni said...

That took me back! I remember be-bopping to all of those! Great list!

Dawn said...

Reading your post today was like a trip down memory lane! I loved the 80's!

Virginia said...

I now have Take on Me in my head...grr. Ah, well--it's a catchy little tune! Love the list!

Karianne said...

I am still so in love with Madonna! I just bought Ivy an outfit from Shopko that has pink lace leggins, denim mini with rhinestones and lace belt along with pink tank. If she wasn't so tiny, I'd have taken the belt and wrapped her hair in a bow, ala "Borderline"

alisonwonderland said...

let's hear it for the 80s! :o)

i'm definitely going to have to see Music and Lyrics!