Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mediacom Bites

In their vast wisdom, Mediacom has disconnected our cable...after reconnecting it just 3 short weeks ago. The seem to believe that the service guy who reconnected our cable never actually showed up to do so and that we were not actually getting cable for the past 3 weeks.

In any case, we will be getting a new provider shortly.

More to come.

Edit to add... the MISU actually wrote this for me. I have a blog post prepared but of course as I sit here at the MISU's work desk... I seemed to have misplaced the word doc. How dorky of me!

How many weeks without internet, that is the question. Mediacom (The Cable Monopoly from hell) bites... they really chapped my butt this time. The MISU too. We are switching to Qwest for phone and DSL and are shopping for good dish rates.

Hope to post again soon, from the comfort of the sweet MISU's work. Hope all is well with you guys...Talk to you soon!


Judy said...

So.. they disconnect the cable they don't think you are getting? And.. this makes sense to whom????

Leanne said...

Mediacom can, at times, be entirely too confusing. I keep telling myself that any downtime or delays in service are worth the wait, I don't think I could ever go back to dial up. (They kindof have the corner on the market around these parts.) LOL

Pamela said...

the problem with all business is that daily action requires the hiring of humans. And much of the time - the cheapest labor possible.

Many people do not take any ownership of the job they were hired to do. Attitude is "oh well..."

Holly Schwendiman said...

Oh man those types of things make me nuts. We just went through our 3rd HD DVR and cable "repairs" this week - and that's just since January. I hate that! Hope things are back in alignment for you really soon!


Zeus said...

I'm not familiar with this cable company, but that sounds like absolute horses***. I agree with Judy - who does this make sense to? I think they were just trying to see how devoted you were to them.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Man that sucks big time, what is it with cable companies? I used to work for the one here and it sucked having to be on their side, haha! It was nice having all of those free services but not worth being b***ed at all the time!

We have Direct TV for dish and love it, have never had problems so that's my recommendation as far as that goes. And we get free dial-up through work, which is slower than slow but free!

wolfbaby said...

Directv is awesome.. love the DVR thingy never miss my fav shows and it's fairly inexpensive... yoowhooo;)

that sucks that tehy did that...what a bunch of idgets....seriuosly that makes sense to whom? durrr