Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday 13 #27- Thirteen things my 2 yr old said that surprised me this last week

1. No thank you mommy- but screamed at me while she was having a a temper tantrum- and after I offered her a blanket for her nap.

2. I can't weach it- she is obsessed with canned goods and likes to take the extra syrup and mustard out of my canned goods section and carry them around like a security blanket.

3. I can't fine it- with a shrug, after I asked her to find her sippy cup... that was just inches from her cute little toes.

4. I ripped it- after passing gas. *giggles*

5. Peeeeeese?- Oh good grief! Begging she has picked up from her big sister and mentor.

6. Wub my back. Wub my back, peeeeeeeese?- Bed time, she has learned to manipulate the parents... knowing full well that there are nights that we would answer her pleas just to get her to go to sleep.

7. Wub my head? Wub my hair? Peeeeeese, mommy? Peeeese? One mo' time?- see number 6.

8. Yo' welcuh, mommy- After I said thanks for stepping on my toes while she was wearing Anna's shoes, again.

9. I wan chee boagoah- Apparently she wanted a cheese burger.

10. What dis? MY POOP? EWWWW, mommy! MY POOP!- She freaked out the other day because a nugget of poopy goodness fell out of her diaper while she sat on the couch. She picked it up, not knowing what it was. Anna- the mentor and big sis- and I had a good giggle, but only after a HAZMAT clean up was deployed.

11. I got heew fust!- She said after racing (and beating me) me to my favorite spot on the couch. The little stinker.

12. I wan use potty- Boy was I surprised! Especially after I found out that she just wanted to "use it" to store her toys.

13. I sawwy too- She said after I apologized for yelling at her, she apologized for being naughty. :D


maggie said...

LOL. I love it when they are small like that and talk so cute.

We had a #10 once but in the bathtub. Funny thing was his older sister didn't think it was funny since she was in there too. I was laughing my hiney off.

Lisa said...

Great list. I'm waiting for most of those from my two-year old. My favorite thing he says is "no please" Um. What?

Happy Thursday.

Pen said...

I also love toddler talk. It's funny how they interpret what we say and try to say it themselves.

She sounds like a little cutie!

Kristin said...

She sounds adorable! I doubt there's a dull moment at your house.

wolfbaby said...

ahhh is there like a house exactly like mine somehwere? could it be yours? could it be that my kids are normal after all? who knew?

the only one those is if my daughter (either one) found a bit of pooh... they would imediatly start playing with it... unless of course it is in the tub which then starts a shrieking fit... go figure?

Virginia said...

Very cute! Thanks for the translation of the cheeseburger one :) I was a bit perplexed!

JAM said...

Ah the memories of diapers and poop in the house. Who taught her "I ripped it" ? Hmmm?

Karmyn R said...

Awww - it's hard to be mad at those sweet little words.

Pamela said...

so glad you're writing this down. make sure you save it to a cd or something

Crazy Working Mom said...

a nugget of poopy goodness

Bwwwwaaaahhhhaahhaahhaa...THAT was the funniest thing I've heard all day...maybe even all week! You go girl. Gweat...I mean Great list. :)

alisonwonderland said...

isn't this a fun age? i loved it when my kids were starting to show their own personalities!

happy thursday!

Karianne said...

Bec absolutely loves the mustard in the fridge! I'd never heard of another kid doing that.

kailani said...

Some of them I couldn't figure out what she was saying until I read your translation. I guess it's something only her Mommy can understand ;-)

Daddy Forever said...

Our little likes to say, "poo-poo, ewwwww." Must be a kid thing, ay?

HomeSchool Mommy said...

HOW ADORABLE! I love this!