Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #29- 13 benefits to being married for 18 years

This Sunday marks 18 years of (sarcasm and) bliss. ;) Here's hoping and praying we have many more years of happiness. I can't remember what the traditional gift for 18 years is , or there even is one... I was thinking it's probably something like steak knives.

Then again, giving each other something sharp and pointy at this stage in the game could be risky, so I may modify it to something like a ream of paper or a roll of quarters.

So, here are 13 benefits to being married for 18 years. The first few marked with a * are by my cell mate, soul mate, and love of my life. :D The text in italics is my commentary on his remarks.

1. *18 years of marriage = 18 years of anecdotes. (I'm guessing that means you have plenty of material to embarrass each other with)

2. *It's way past feeling like dating (and more like a prison sentence?), it's a more secure relationship.

3. *You have someone that you know will help you when you screw up. (Man, this one is soooo true... for both of us)

4. *Bodily functions aren't an issue anymore, it's a fact of life... and a good source of entertainment. (Aren't an issue for who?)

5. I know a lot of people would disagree with me on this one but- You aren't afraid to use the bathroom in front each other anymore.

6. You can usually differentiate between a tiff and a really bad fight by now, gauged by the level of each others deafening silence.

7. And , usually you have figured out how to get yourself out that sort of mess, because you've had lots of practice.

8. Hopefully buy now, you have a grip on how to handle your in-laws. (Somewhat, but not quite)

9. You don't have to worry about who you're going to eat dinner with on a Friday night.

10. Being able to laugh at each other without hurting each others feeling, because by now you've pretty much figured out what's appropriate to laugh at and whats not.

11. Learning to let the past mistakes go, and move on.

12. Experiencing love, real love (for the first time in my life) through good times and bad.

13. Not being able to imagine what life would be like without each other, and hoping for many more years together.


Mommy's My Name said...

I loved this. These are great! I've been with my hubby for 10 wonderful years and married for 7. I am already at that "I can't imagine my life without him" stage. I hope it lasts forever......Great TT!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

AWESOME POST, I LOVE IT! I've only been married 4 years and we have our ups and downs and are still working on some of the things on your list and are already through some too so it's great to read this about someone who's been married 14 years longer than us. :)


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

OMG, I didn't see the pictures the first time I commented, I LOVE the black and white one and totally got a choked up fluttery feeling, such a dork, I know...I'm a sap, I think you need to blow up that photo, frame it and put it in your bedroom or wherever you can see it every day, it's AWESOME!

alisonwonderland said...

happy anniversary! (BTW my husband and i have been married for 18 years too.)

p.s. you won one of the drawings in my blogiversary celebration! if you'll email me your snail mail address, i'll get your prize sent to you!

maggie said...

I like that first picture also. So young.... and in love ... :)

Bodily functions and noises. It helps when you dont' have to hide them anymore. LOL

JAM said...

All true. Congrats on the upcoming anniversary. It never ceases to amaze me when people who have been married 30 years or whatnot get a divorce. Seems like if you can make it to 15 or 20, you should be able to hang in there. But that's just me.

All the good things about marriage there are, I still love best knowing that there's one person in the world I would trust implicitly. That this person is my wife seems a miracle each and every day.

Anonymous said...

Mary and John,
Congratulations. God bless you both with many more years together.
Love Anti Yvonne

amy said...

Thats one happy list! Congrats!

Robin said...

Happy (almost) Anniversary...quite a milestone in this day and time :).

Your #13 was my favorite :)...I'm right there with ya.

Karmyn R said...

18 years! Congratulations! Blessings on both of you for many more years to come.

(oh, and I looked it up - Porcelain is the 18th Anniversary gift to give - but rolls of quarters would be good too)

The Rock Chick said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I just had my 15th and I couldn't agree with you more. Sometimes people are husbands and sometimes people are your best friends. When they are both at the same time, there is just nothing quite like it!!!

Congrats and my wishes for many many more!!

Jessica The Rock Chick

Holly Schwendiman said...

A thousand congrats! My sister hits 20 this summer and I'm still blinking. 15 went by so fast for me. I loved your shares and wish you many many more items for your list in years to come.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Happy Anniversary!

Jenny Ryan said...

Happy anniversary!! :)

wolfbaby said...

aww congradulations!!! so cool

Ash said...


I'm honestly all moody and cry-y now over this. Way to fuck with my hormones and WHY CAN'T MY HUSBAND AND I BE LIKE THIS?


Karianne said...

Congrats on the long haul. I'm very impressed!

Daddy Forever said...

Happy anniversary! I use to think being married meant you have someone to sleep with every night. but that's true because most nights either my wife is sleeping with one of the kids or I am.

Pamela said...

Porcelain and the gemstone Cat's Eye

so you could get him a new toilet seat that always flips down after he's done

and he can get you a bracelet that has a gps system installed in the cat's eye... so when your "dorkness" starts interfering with your direction, you can find your way home


Slackermommy said...

Awwwwww! Happy Anniversary!