Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My poor kid

Anna has had a slight case of walking pneumonia, which was sandwiched between 2 different colds. She just got rid of her cough after being sick for almost a month, and now?

A fever of 104.4 with nausea and vomiting. Last nigh she woke me up after 3 am and said her stomach hurt and she felt like she was going to barf. Boy did she ever! She went with her dad to the emergency room to make sure it wasn't anything serious.

The ER doc asked her routine questions like if she had trouble going poop. She said no, and that she had gone yesterday morning.

He then asked her if she had trouble peeing. John said she looked over with a look that was somewhere in between this:
and this:
...with one raised eyebrow, and whispered sarcastically while rolling her eyes, "That's a silly question."

My girl, she may have lost her sense of humor, but never her sense of sarcasm. ;)


kailani said...

Poor thing! It's the worst time of year to get sick. Hope she doesn't miss out on too many holiday activities!

An Island Life

Rachel said...

Love a girl who can keep up the sense of humor while mired in sick land.
Poor girl.
Hope she gets better quickly, those facials... priceless.

Donetta said...

May she be on the mend soon.

Tee said...

She's adorable. What great faces she makes. LOL. I'm sorry she's not been feeling well. I hate when it's one after the other like that :p

Hey - congrats on winning NanoWriMo. I'm jealous of your badge in your sideline. I finished my story but it was under word count :p

Tee said...

That would be SIDEBAR not sideline. LOL.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Awww, poor the faces though!! hahaha! It's great she still has her sense of sarcasm! hehe!

maggie said...

poor thing. is she any better? nothing worse than throwing up in my book. currently i have a head cold :(

maggie at

Robin said...

Hope her sense of humor is coming back...those pictures show SOOOoooo much personality :).

Gosh, and I'm hoping her pneumonia is on the mend, too. This time of year is so tough on kids (and their mamas) :/.


~Virginia~ said...

Poor thing! Hope she gets to feeling better soon!