Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm raising heathens!

Last night while we were out celebrating me finishing NaNoWriMo, we started a very deep conversation, a conversation all parents eventually have with their kids.

We talked about some of the possible names for expelling methane. I know! It makes a momma proud!

Here are some the ones we came up with, most of them are pretty obvious:

Drop a bomb
Cut the cheese
Rip one/it

Me- Your grandpa liked to say purtsy.

Emma- Who, daddy?

John- No my daddy, your grandpa.

Me- He's in heaven, with Jesus.

Emma- Cheesus? I don't know any Cheesus.

Me- That's very unfortunate.

I always told myself that I would make sure my kids new the true meaning of Christmas*. Looks like we're going to have to cram. ;)


dandelion dust said...

Purtsy? How funny. What a funny conversation!

I love your blog header by the way, very cute! :)

Maggie said...

Love love your new header.

Welcome back. :)


Maggie at

seems google doesn't like my comments anymore :(

Judy Thomas said...

we "fluffed"... why? I don't know... probably for the same reason grandpa "purtsied".... lol

Nicole said...
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Melinda Zook said...

They are layin bunnies here.

Cheesus, that is adorable!

Pamela said...

you have so much material from these kids, you could make your "rich" money by writing a book of non fiction

Anonymous said...


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Avery Gray said...

And I'm not trying to spam you either, but I'd like to offer you a chance to win a traditional nativity scene made of delicious Parmesan, sharp smoked cheddar, and aged Asiago cheeses. Our Praise Jesus Cheeses are lovingly handcrafted, and guaranteed to be the hit of every Christmas get-together.

For our Jewish friends, check out our fine selection of Mizithra menoras.*

*Do not use near open flame.

maggie said...

please god. please I hope I win the jesus cheeese.

maggie at

Susie said...

LOL, my child "pops"... this phrase has came from a little girl I babysat many, many years ago.

Sunshine said...

I want some of the nog Avery's been into, dude.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Hee hee - fun reads here dear. ;) My brother's wives have issues with the word fart which cracks me up because their husbands were like the three amigos of the word (still are when they're together) but in my house it's not a banned word. My son says "Poo stinker" which thankfully few other people understand as he announces it all the time for himself and others. My favorite definition though is that it's merely a horn telling you to make way for the terd coming through. Gross but funny!


Rachel said...

ROFL at Avery. What a hoot!

I want some Jesus Cheesus, too. I laughed, husband asked what.. told him.. 4 year old says. Mom, we have Cheezits in the pantry, but Jesus isn't in them.. he's in Heaven with God and Grandma Jenny... *pause* deep thought here "Mom, is Jesus in the Cheezits?... cause I'm not eating them anymore if he is"
Lord love a duck.
Thanks for the giggles!

Pamela said...

came back to read Avery...
funny no matter how you "slice" it!

Karmyn R said...

I came back to read the anon and Avery's comments too.... I got the giggles and wish I could come up with something more cheesy to say than my mom did.

Dreaming What Ifs...

Robin said...

Cute...REEEAL cute.

Here we've said "gassed", "booped", and "fluffed"...

For some reason, I hate the word "fart", it pains me to even type it, lol.

Plus (blink blink), I don't do "that" ;).

Thanks for the giggles...

Today, if you can't tell already, I'm catching up a bit on blog reading. I'm ashamed I've been so remiss in this, but it sure has been fun visiting :).

Happy Friday!