Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Anna was sick last week with a stomach flu that kept her out of school for 3 days... she felt better Friday evening.

Then promptly cam down with another cold/virus Saturday morning, and was coughing so hard that she threw up a few times. Monday, she felt icky so stayed home a 4th day.

Emma got sick Sunday night.

If you have yard apes, grand-ankle biters or work around the wee folk all day long I am sure you can imagine... all the stuff! (typed with nondescript exhaustion... well, because i am exhausted, so exhausted, i refuse to capitalize :P )

Yesterday, it was encroaching on lunchtime and I got the shakes. I realized that though the tissue terrorizing, prolific booger producing rain forest destroyers that I love so dearly were properly fed clothed and medicated, I had neglected to feed myself.

I heated up the leftovers from Sunday breakfast, and being a little short on money, I decided that all leftovers would be eaten with appreciation. I attempted to heat up my eggs and hash browns.

"Mommy i want up."

Mommy has to have breakfast.

"mommy, I need this."

Not right now, i need to eat.

"mommy, I want that."

I am hungry....

"mommy, i have a booger."

Mommy's have to eat too, ya know....

"Mommy, can i? Mommy give me, mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy I want, Mommy I need..."

Can i please eat my....

"UP mommy... I want mommy..."

"PLEASE, CAN I EAT MY MUSHY, REHEATED HASH BROWNS AND RUBBERY EGGS IN PEACE? I'M STARVING! I just want to eat, give me 10 minutes, for Pete's sake. God!...............help me."


20 seconds go by, and my 2 year old's eyes get a fraction larger.


I bury by head in my hands and stare at the less than appealing clumps of slightly greenish hued scrambled 'used to be eggs'. Blah. I eat but do not enjoy my left overs and wash it down with my barely room temperature coffee. I pretend that the leftover bacon is crunchy, and that it is crunchy enough to drown out the munchkin that continues to blatantly disregard my growled requests to be left alone to consume my lackluster fare.

Then I remember, as I manage to gulp down my practically tasteless coffee, that just 8 years ago we were about to end our 11 years of infertility with the biggest surprise and blessing ever.

It's all worth it, and though i would change a few minor details (as in the frequency of illness, and the rate at which they destroy paper products), I wouldn't trade my booger covered boogers for anything.

The End.wink

I wrote this post as an entry in the Mommy Tantrum contest... do you have a great mommy Tantrum story? Head on over to Bottles, Barbies and Boys and enter your story!


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I am totally feeling for you, it's so hard when the kiddos are sick and eating leftovers sucks but when you're starving it's something...this post is so great, just really sums up top to bottom the emotions of mommy-hood from the mommy tantrums, kiddos wanting "uppy", starving mommy, but in the end so thankful to have the little boogers.

Melinda Zook said...

I have had so many mornings like this. Nothing short of getting mommied to death. Sometimes I look around for the mute button...I have yet to find.

jennyryan.com said...

I have so much respect and admiration for parents and all that you do. In my opinion you deserve a medal just for showing up every day.

I hope things start to get better for you soon :)

Tracey said...

A mommy tantrum???

No, I never have those...never, ever. My children are perfect, they never fight and I always eat a piping hot breakfast...(heh...)

Avery Gray said...

Man, can I relate to this! Sorry your girls had the sickies, and that you couldn't get a moment's peace. We've played that game before. No one ever wins, oddly enough!

Pamela said...

you have to take care of yourself mert--- or the world will fall apart (:

Daddy Forever said...

Sorry your kids are sick. Sounds like your kids have the same flu as my kids. Maybe your kids gave it to my kids. Our kids are driving us crazy too.