Thursday, December 13, 2007

So young, and yet so wise ;)

In this post I talked about Anna liking a boy at school that gave her a bracelet he made for her. Again, this would happen to be the very same boy that keeps getting her in trouble at school (though not recently) and I remarked in that post that Anna seems to already admire the "bad boy" type. wink

Last night We had some mommy/daughter time while shopping. Lord knows why she likes going shopping with me but she wants to spend time with me, and despite the fact that she slooooows me down I let her come along. besides, we had to pick out decorations for our ginger bread house.

Anyway, before we actually shopped we had dinner at Subway right there in our Walmart. While we ate we chit chatted about various things. Bearing in mind she is only going on 7, she said:

Mom, I gave the bracelet back.

You did? What happened?

I found out it was a "marriage bracelet".

*LOL!* A what? A marriage bracelet? I think you made the right decision by giving it back, good for you. You're waaaaay too young for marriage. *I smile at her, while biting my tongue because I don't want to be the one to shatter the whole marriage fairy tale for her... though I am sure she has observed a thing or two about what married life is really like *

*she rolls her eyes knowingly, I snort* Ohhhh yeah!

What did he say when you gave it back?

Well, I didn't give it back in person. I gave it to A, who gave it to B, who gave it to C, and she gave it to him. It was stolen anyway.

Wha? He stole it?

Yeah, he stole it from his sister.

I thought he made it for you. Did you know it was stolen from his sister?

Yessss *She stops to think* but he didn't tell me until 2 days after he gave it to me.

See what I'm saying? He's a baaaaaaaad boy, and a bad influence too! I explained that she should have given it back when she found out it was stolen and next time if someone tries to give her something that doesn't belong to them, to say no thank you.

Unless it's a DVD player or a certified diamond ring.

I kid people, I kid.

Anyway, I'm glad she gave the bracelet back. They way he's going, he's probably already a bigamist with a gambling problem. wink


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Wow! A marriage bracelet at their age? Holy cow, I'm glad she gave it back and especially since it was stolen! Love the DVD player/Certified diamond ring comment! haha

Kelly - PTT said...

Oh man, 10 years from now you are going to be so glad you had a blog and wrote all this stuff;)

Hey, I'm Linking for Dollars again this year for St. Jude. I'd love it if you could join up!

Jeff said...

I used to pick on my daughter about having a boyfriend until I found out she really had one. It didn't seem so so funny after that :)

Mommy the Maid said...

Smart girl. She can find better than him. :D

Avery Gray said...

He's trouble, alright! Today, stolen marriage bracelets, tomorrow, bank heist on Heelys. No good can come of it!

kailani said...

Thank goodness . . . crisis averted!

An Island Life

Pamela said...

how old is his sister?

Kids learn by seeing. Makes you wonder what that kid is seeing.

Yours made a good choice. High five, Mert!

Daddy Forever said...

He sounds like my son down the road. I could just see him giving away his sister's stuff.