Thursday, November 15, 2007

Life here with the Wee Folk

Here in my household, imaginations soar! Recently, Emma now has unhampered access to her butt region since she is wearing her big girl panties. Imagine my surprise 2 days ago when she announced while holding up one of her dress up necklaces,"I put this in my butt crack!"


I have often impressed my family with my ability to pick things up with my toes. This morning Emma impressed me by showing me that panties can go in the butt crack. No, I'm not talking about a wedgie either. What I am saying is that instead of putting her panties OVER her butt crack, she stood with her undies only in her butt crack. She was a proud as a peacock.

"Ummm, I've spent most of my adult life trying to avoid just that. How about we put your panties where they belong, over your bum. Let's not put anything else in there, OK?

Now I know the first place I'm going to look the next time I lose my keys. ;)

Anna has quite the imagination, too! And I am proud to say it does NOT involve her butt crack. Last night she showed John and I a bracelet that a boy in class had made her.

"I'm guessing it's too soon to have a boyfriend."

"Err, yeah. Too soon," I stammer.

"He says he wants to be my boyfriend."

"That's nice honey, no boyfriends yet, OK? Hey... isn't he the kid that has gotten you into trouble like three times now?"

She's only 6 1/2 and she already likes the "bad boy" type. Terrific.

This morning I asked her as she put her new purple bead bracelet on,"Do you think he's cute?"


"So he wants to be your boyfriend?"

"Yeah, he told Kayla that he does, and she told me. It's like he sent me an invisible love note."

Awwww! She's a romantic! She must get that from.... somebody. That's my girl. Romantic, dramatic and imaginative, not to mention already considered girl friend material.

I can barely contain my joy.


Jenny Ryan said...

Oh, man, Emma's joy in the abilities of her butt crack made me laugh out loud! :)

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I am sitting here with tears of laughter streaming down my face! This is too hilarious!! The butt crack thing is so funny and the boyfriend story too cute! hehe!

Emma has taken to "boob" talk, anytime she sees me naked, points with both hands and says "mama's boobs" repeatedly until I acknowledge her, then while getting jammies on the other night she pointed to one of her own and was feeling around her chest saying, "where's my other boob"? Upon finding it she proudly chirped "there it is"!!

kailani said...

Her butt crack? Now that's a new one! ROFL!

dandelion dust said...

How funny! Butt crack?!

And how cute that Anna already has a little *boyfriend*. How sweet

Pamela said...

I hate when that happens (undies in the BC)

but I love invisible love notes.

They're out there... I know it.

Thea said...

O.K., that? Was hilarious!!

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

Laughin' out loud, friend...laughin' out loud :).

Elizabeth said...

"Now I know the first place I'm going to look the next time I lose my keys. ;)"

I swear I almost spit a mouthful of Diet Coke onto my keyboard when I read that! BWAHAHAHA!

Holly Schwendiman said...

Hee hee. This week I noticed the saying/phrase my daughter put up on her IM. It reads:

"I need a boy frend"