Friday, November 02, 2007

Whoa, NaNo!

Ok, and we'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre off!

To a rough start!wink

I guess I'm "just not applying myself". Actually , I started off well yesterday, but didn't finish the other 400+ words I needed last night, so today I need to write over 2000 words.

That's great! Except that Emma has decided that she is serious about this potty training thing. Last night we went out to find Anna a new coat and as we arrived at the store Em announced she needed to go potty. I had planned on getting this little gem so that going potty while we were out and about wouldn't be so scary (Anna would freak out, she didn't like going potty without her Blue's Clues potty seat):
.... So I told Emma that i didn't have a seat to use and she would have to go in her pull up. She responded- in disgust," But I have to go potty!" OK, I said, I'll have to carry you so that we make it to the potty on time. Did I mention that I thought this was going to be a short trip out so I didn't bring the diaper bag at all? Brilliant.

I ran through the store, dodging sale and early Christmas shoppers, all the while yelling , "'Scuse me! Coming through!"

Emma yelled too. "Faster mommy, faster!"

"I can't go any faster, this is as fast as mommy gets!"

"Yes you can, momma. Faster, go faster!"

Though I appreciated her enthusiasm, and her sheer and utter confidence in my speed capabilities... I really couldn't go any faster.

But we made it, and she clutched the sides of the seat like a big girl, while her momma obsessed her doing so and about the fact that now I had to somehow manage to not only wash her hands but SANITIZE them appropriately... because if you have ever had to take a small (in her case midget sized) child to the bathroom, you know how hard it is to hold them with one arm and try to wash 2 little hands adequately.

In the end I did the best I could and did what any good mom wold do. I hoped and prayed that what didn't kill her would make her stronger. wink

Overall, though, it worked out well. It was nothing like potty training Anna in public, who would scream while clutching your clothes so hard that she would manage to pinch the back of your arms through the cloth. Oh but wait, then there is the fact that she would scream in terror when I had to flush the toilet because "industrial strength toilets" are so loud. Have you ever tried the one arm hand wash with a hysterical child? I assure you it's an experience I will not soon forget.

But no, surprisingly mini Mini Me (Anna's Mini Me, and Anna being my Mini Me) did very well. I was so proud we high five'd.

To make a short story long- as my brother Ben says- We bought Emma big girl panties last night since she is so serious and has been able to stay dry 75% of the time in between potty. We are now setting the timer on the stove to go off every 50 minutes for a potty break....and as I was typing this she had her first official accident! Milestones, LOL!

Anywho, I guess the whole point of this post is that Nation Novel Writing Month should be interesting, and not that I am procrastinating right now

But, on the bright side? I get a potty break every 50 minutes too, right?


Ash said...

I want a nablopomo ticker counter thingy too! Wahh!

crse said...

Ash Im borrowing your button. Well stealing it really. Anyway, Mert Ive missed you! I LOVE that your blog loads so quickly. Still did not find the punch in the junk phrase but its very distracting with hooky boy and naked boy running around together. Does Gill know you are Nanowrimoing? Im telling him tonight. He will be ecstatic.

Jenny Ryan said...

I hear ya! I'm reading a book on writing right now that says the hardest part of writing is learning the skill of "Butt In Chair". :)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I keep meaning to finish my potty training. One of these days...

kailani said...

I bought that very same potty seat when Girlie Girl was younger. I think I only used it twice. I should have sent it to you!

the teach said...

Hey Mert, just dropping by to say hello on Manic Monday!

Answers to the Questions

Work of the Poet

Jenny said...

I have been trying to do mine too, but my husband keeps dragging me here there and everywhere and I get nothing done. But good luck! :)

wolfbaby said...

i got my oldest potty trained and now im so wishing my youngest would to.. diaper free ohh what a dream