Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For this Thanksgiving, I'll have some bad haircut...

With a side of mullet, please!

Good Lord people! Not only have I broken up with my best friend, but now I have to divorce my hair dresser too? Last night I asked for a trim for my layers--------------> See my profile picture?

You know things are bad when:

Your hair dresser keeps you faced away from the mirror the whole time, lets you see for a second before sending you on your quasi-merry way, while deploying the "I'll make the top of her head so poofy that she won't notice the fricking huge chunk of hair missing from the left side of her head".

And when the first thing out of your husband's mouth is that you look like Mrs. Brady.

<---------------I actually wish that my hair looked this good

I would post a picture... OK not really. That's how un-freaking-happy I am right now. I have a long history of being a bad haircut magnet. Either that or deep down I'm a REALLY bad person and Karma keeps biting me in the @ss. You know what Karma? I don't know who the hell you think you are, but I'm flipping you off right now.

The bad part is that I finally get my hair grown out and then I get a cut like this and its pretty much a take 2 steps forward and 5 steps back situation.

Lessons learned this week:

Fast food dinner out with your family while waiting for your hair appointment= 17.00
Having your haircut by a stylist who is nervous about her upcoming surgery= 16.00
Having your hair f*cked up right before a holiday= PRICELESS

BONUS: I have hit an all time low. I said f*ck and @ss in the same blog post.



Well I sat here for a moment after reading your post trying to think of something nice to say to cheer my buddy up. I couldn't think of anything other than at least Ms. Brady "got" Greg. LOL.

Happy Thanksgiving and just remember it has happened to all of us.

kailani said...

I know I should say that everything will be okay but - OMG! - I would just die if it happened to me! I think I would have to kill someone. We all know that hair can make or break you. My condolences!

Donetta said...

Oh I'm sorry for your hard day. I hope it grows fast for you.
I hope that you find lots of happiness in the Thanks Giving mind set.

dandelion dust said...

Oh, I am so sorry. ((Hugs)) I can understand, just a little, I got a haircut Labor Day weekend that I was not at all happy with... and right before a huge trip. Mine seemed to loose it's freshly sheered look within a week of the haircut... I"m hoping your's will do the same and grow out super fast

Tricia said...

Aw, there's nothing worse than a messed up haircut right before a holiday (or wedding or some other special occasion). You must be so mad!

Lucy said...

As someone who recently (2 months ago) divorced a hairstylist of 19 years, I can honestly say that my most recent haircut reduced me to tears because I loved it so much. I actually went to a real stylist at a real salon. The difference was unbelievable. My advice treat yourself to a hair fix at a nice salon.

Pamela said...

my worst ever haircut happened the day before we drove across the state for my hubbys high school class reunion.

I never went back to the fellow that cut it.

I never went to another reunion either. His old classmates probably think he is married to Archie (of the Blondie comic series)

~Virginia~ said...

I say you change your blog title to "The Mullet Made Me Do It"! :) LOL!

Holly Schwendiman said...

ROFL - I'm so sorry for the hair woes. Next time come see me for a cut! :) Having recently experienced a disarming color job myself I feel your pain. Layers can be a swear word in the world of haircutting - it's like the #1 error for a lot of stylists. It can't be as bad as my 4 year old haircut though...I'll send you a picture just so you can feel better. :)