Friday, November 09, 2007

Office Time **EDITED for more info***

Are there any of my blogging buddies out there a fan of The Office? Have you seen this site, where you can apply for a "position" at Dunder Mifflin? Me and my buddy Maggie were wondering if anyone wants to join us at a new branch, we just need 14 other people to sign up to start our own branch.

Let me know! :D

*****EDIT***** Well I looked at the FAQ, It looks like maybe you have to be an employee for a while before you become a branch... which I guess make a lot of sense. DUH! It looks like you get promoted according to how many Shcrutebucks you have acquired (by doing tasks). Sorry guys, I thought maybe I could just sign up as a branch manager and we could have our own office :(

Quoted from the site:

How do I climb the corporate ladder?
All DMI employees start off as Temps, with the exception of Regional Managers. Once a certain level of SchruteBucks has been attained, you will automatically get promoted within your branch. The job hierarchy is as follows:

Temp 1000
Warehouse Employee 1300
Receptionist 1600
Customer Relations Specialist 2000
Quality Assurance Specialist 2600
Supplier Relations Specialist 3400
Accountant 4300
Salesperson 5300
Warehouse Foreman 6500
Human Resources Manager 8000
Assistant Regional Manager 10000
Regional Manager Appointed

At certain promotion levels, employees will receive special items, like a new desk or office environment. See the Virtual Desk section for more details.


What is the role of the Regional Manager?
Users become Regional Managers by signing up and being the first to confirm fifteen people using the Branch Hiring Code.

In the world of DMI, Regional Managers fulfill the same role that group owners/admins do within myNBC. They will be able to hire branch members, create polls, and submit branch photos/video/etc. to Corporate. They will also be expected to take on a leadership role within their branch, organize task participation and relay important information given to them by Corporate.

Thanks for trying though, I guess I just didn't understand the rules at first. If one of us is able to become a regional manager, maybe we can hire one another ;)


~Virginia~ said...

I don't watch The Office--although I'm a huge fan of the original British version! :)

I must say, again...your blog freezes up my computer every single time! Madness. And this is high-speed work-access internet. There must be some pretty heavy duty stuff on your blog to bring down our server! :)

Happy Friday!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

DUH!! At first I was thinking of Office Space, what a dork!

I did always like watching the British version but never got into the American one.

Sunshine said...

Me me me me me me!!!!!

The Office is my total fav.

I want to be Dwight though.

Donetta said...

My husband with head phones on can be heard late into the noght laughing his fool head off. He is so fun to listen too. I get invitations to come and watch. He records it on the computer and then watches it after he puts the kids to be.
If the boss is in the forest can any one hear him... chuckle

Kelly - PTT said...

That's hilarious! I was thinking of leaving my comment anonymously because I'm totally embarrassed to think that show is hilarious.

But I do.

Applying for a job there -- too funny! If I had more time...

I'd love to read about how you all do in your new branch, though!

Avery Gray said...

I love that show! I'll apply! But only if I get to be Michael Scott. Not because I want to be the boss, but because I don't want to do any work. Deal?

Avery Gray said...

Okay, I joined. Now it wants to know which branch I want to join. Do you have the code?