Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ten thousand down, forty thousand to go...

This is my brain...

This is my brain in NaNo.

Any qwestions?

Oh, rite... not much diffarhrent I guess, only my speeling is noticeably more horribowl with speel check.

And not only am I slightlee more dorky ( and adorable, I think), but my powers of procrastynation are increeesed 10 fohld. ;) *drool*

I seem to be having more luck with posting on my blog. Dern, I should have done NaBloPoMo.

One more thing... does this picture make my nose look big?


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

HAHA! I love the brain illustration, that looks remarkably familiar...must be close to my own brain makeup!

Marci said...

LMAO!!ROLFLMAF!!!! OMG!!! I love you so much. You are such a dork and I love you for that. And no... Nose looks just fine (thanks for making sure there were no boogers :-O )
Love ya sis,

Karmyn R said...

I remember that feeling last year, but after 10 days I got into this weird ZONE and just started writing like a maniac.

Hang in there!

Holly Schwendiman said...

I love the graphic of your brain. I'm guessing that you created that image which means your spot for useful stuff should be at least one or two pixels bigger....hee hee.


Donetta said...

I did it two years ago and still need to finish the edits.

Avery Gray said...

You NaNo fool!! I'm convinced it's the work of the devil!

Now, NaBlo isn't a piece of cake either, but at least I can post a lousy 100 words and it will count. Not so much with NaNo.

Good luck, though! I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!