Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I am stuck. The writer's (cinder) block has come crashing down on my....

I. Can't. Think. Of .The. Word.

Oh yes, my husband just helped me... that would be skull!

---------------------------> Not the word count number of doom. I'm only 1845 words behind.

or if i were typing that in my book, I might consider writing it as "I have written nine thousand eight hundred and twenty-four words, and yet to make today's quota, I still need to write another one thousand eight hundred and forty-five."- just to boost my word count. I have been writing honorably without resorting to dirty tricks, but the dirty tricks are starting to sound like a good idea. You know, in the way that buying that microwave bacon fryer/ sweater drying rack combo sounds like it's a good idea at 3 am.

I am currently at the "I suck, my plot sucks, this is a load of sucking crap and I think I'll just quit" stage.

I must call my technical adviser, he's in the other room playing XBOX 360. I'm sorry I haven't visited yet this week, staring at a blank Word Document is keeping me busy. :(

Self-inflicted misery, it's the worst.

Oh yeah, more important things going on in the world...


Pamela said...

keep writing. you can go back later and change whatever you want.
right now it is all about words... flowing like a river out of your source

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

It's such a great story, you're doing great! I don't know how you can think it sucks and how you even have writer's block, it's so great!!!

Jana said...

Hey, I've got some great (tongue-in-cheek) tips for boosting your word count posted on my blog today.

Keep going - you can do it!